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The best tests for more precision

For testing our fertiliser spreaders in the design and development phase, we have the most modern test hall in Europe. The aim of these tests is to determine recommendations for new types of fertiliser and to record them in setting charts. This enables us to ensure ever greater precision in spreading and to offer setting charts for almost 2,700 types of fertiliser.

KUHN offers unique solutions for absolute spreading accuracy, thanks to our latest-generation test centre, we are able to provide fertiliser spreaders at the cutting edge of technology. This way, we can ensure the correct setting of your spreader for each type of fertiliser!

3000 spreading tests carried out each year

With an area of 1,235 square metres, this test centre enables us to carry out around 3,000 spreading tests per year on working widths of up to 75 metres. The hall is fully air-conditioned, which ensures optimum test conditions throughout the year. The temperature is regulated from 20 to 25 °C and the air humidity is kept at maximum 55%. To carry out these tests, 88 fully automatic collection trays provide information on the spreading regularity of our machines. 

We also have the latest technology at our disposal to ensure ever more precision.

SPREADSET: The correct setting for each type of fertiliser. 


With each KUHN fertiliser spreader, you will now be able to access even more accurate calibration information thanks to the SpreadSet application. This application has been developed to optimise spreading performance. To install the KUHN SpreadSet application, go to the Apple Store or Google Play Store application on your phone or tablet and download it for free.

With SpreadSet you can access the correct setting for your spreader for each type of fertiliser!


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