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Make the difference with new four rotors rakes GA 13231 and GA 15231!

Let’s remember! The GA 15131 rake was, and still is, the world record rake since 2020 in Denmark, where it was able to rake 188.9 ha in only 8 hours. Synonymous with high yields, versatility and impeccable quality of work, this KUHN machine with a working width of 9.50 to 14.70 m was the basis of a high-performance harvesting chain.

Upgrades for even more performance

From now, the GA 15131 rake and its little brother, the GA 13131 rake, have been transformed into the 10231 series, featuring numerous upgrades.

GA 13131 at work

These four-rotor rakes with central delivery and raking widths from 8.40 m to 14.70 m, which now changed into GA 13231 and GA 15231, have been fitted with numerous new features, affecting not only raking quality and operator comfort of use but also the machine’s service life.

The major developments include:

  • The electronic architecture which incorporates the new ISOBUS M500 module. The latter is more powerful, has more capacity and offers more possibilities than the former model.
  • The ISOBUS terminal interface for machine control which has been redesigned and is more user friendly. It can generate graphic icons related to the various functions for use with the ISOBUS CCI A3 joystick.
  • Individual working width adjustment available as standard.
  • The suspension of the front rotors, now carried out via hydraulic cylinders allowing a more precise adjustment of the latter. In addition, automatic ground pressure adjustment is possible depending on the working width. The user can easily adapt the machine to the working conditions. Plant cover and forage are thus preserved.
  • Other improvements such as a new adjustment of the working height, a new hydraulic block with new electronic management, new sensors improving precision and diagnosis, etc.
GA 13131 at work

The main features of the four-rotor rakes are kept

All the features that have made KUHN four-rotor rakes famous are kept. The exclusive 100% hydraulic drive allows perfect adaptation of rotor speed to the forage type and yield while minimizing maintenance work. The BOOST function improves windrow quality by increasing the speed of the front rotors by 20% compared to the rear rotors to build a homogeneous and airy windrow. The individual rotor lifting allows to avoid obstacles and adapt work to the changing shape of the plots.

GA 13231 at work

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