Trailed TMR Mixers

KUHN TMR mixer wagons produce the perfect mixed ration for your livestock, guaranteeing a quality feed. The range offers 1, 2 or 3 vertical auger options available in different capacities ranging from 4 to 45 m3. Equipped as standard with a weighing device, the EUROMIX and PROFILE ranges allow precise management of the herd's feed ration.

Single Auger Vertical 4 - 20 m3

Trailed single auger mixers with 1 vertical auger suit herds from 20 to 110 dairy cows. These mixers are suitable for smaller livestock farmers looking for a simple and functional machine with direct distribution or by transverse belt and with or without a mulching turbine.

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Twin Auger Vertical 12 - 34 m3

KUHN's trailed twin auger mixers with 2 vertical augers suit herds 60 to 265 dairy cows. The range offers a number of distribution configurations (chute, belt, mulching turbine) to adapt to all building configurations and are designed for intensive use.

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4-Auger Horizontal

The unique design of our Botec 4-auger mixers wagons offers consistent, thorough mixing. The efficient flow also results in fast mixing and a quick, complete cleanout, saving you time and money. A lower horsepower requirement, compared to competitive models, means less fuel consumption. Another way in which KUHN Knight's 4-auger mixer wagons can provide cost savings.

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    • BTC 100 Series vertical mixer silhouette

      BTC 100

      Commercial trailer & truck models | Capacities: 15.6 to 28.3 m³

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