Trailed TMR Mixers

KUHN TMR mixer wagons produce the perfect mixed ration for your livestock, guaranteeing a quality feed. The range offers 1, 2 or 3 vertical auger options available in different capacities ranging from 4 to 45 m3. Equipped as standard with a weighing device, the EUROMIX and PROFILE ranges allow precise management of the herd's feed ration.

Silage Cutters, Straw Blowers & Feeders

Reducing the time required for bedding and feeding livestock is considered when developing silage cutter/straw blower machines for userfriendly models that save time on a daily basis. Models equipped with a POLYDRIVE system enable hay and wrapped bales to be distributed in a safe and risk free manner.

Discover our range dedicated to Silage Cutters, Straw Blowers & Feeders
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