The KUHN livestock range produces the perfect mixed ration for your livestock, guaranteeing a quality feed. Ensuring quality mixing of the different ingredients in the ration as well as distribution managed by the weighing device, this range is developed to offer working comfort and time savings. For many years, KUHN solutions have offered farmers throughout the world all the benefits of a mixed ration to improve their livestock’s technical, nutritional and economic performance.

KUHN TMR mixer wagons produce the perfect mixed ration for your livestock, guaranteeing a quality feed. The range offers 1, 2 or 3 vertical auger options available in different capacities ranging from 4 to 45 m3. Equipped as standard with a weighing device, the EUROMIX and PROFILE ranges allow precise management of the herd's feed ration.

Discover our range dedicated to Trailed TMR Mixers

  • PROFILE 1 CL mixer silhouette

    Single Auger Vertical 4 - 20 m3

    Trailed single auger mixers with 1 vertical auger suit herds from 20 to 110 dairy cows. These mixers are suitable for smaller livestock farmers looking for a simple and functional machine with direct distribution or by transverse belt and with or without a mulching turbine. Read more

  • Silhouette of the vertical mixer KUHN VT 180

    Twin Auger Vertical 12 - 34 m3

    KUHN's trailed twin auger mixers with 2 vertical augers suit herds 60 to 265 dairy cows. The range offers a number of distribution configurations (chute, belt, mulching turbine) to adapt to all building configurations and are designed for intensive use. Read more

  • EUROMIX 3 CL mixer silhouette

    Triple Auger Vertical 28 to 45 m3

    KUHN's trailed triple auger mixer wagons with 3 vertical augers suit herds from 140 to 360 dairy cows. The range offers a choice of distribution configurations and are designed for intensive use. Read more

  • BTC 100 Series vertical mixer silhouette

    4-Auger Horizontal

    The unique design of our Botec 4-auger mixers wagons offers consistent, thorough mixing. The efficient flow also results in fast mixing and a quick, complete cleanout, saving you time and money. A lower horsepower requirement, compared to competitive models, means less fuel consumption. Another way in which KUHN Knight's 4-auger mixer wagons can provide cost savings. Read more

Reducing the time required for bedding and feeding livestock is considered when developing silage cutter/straw blower machines for userfriendly models that save time on a daily basis. Models equipped with a POLYDRIVE system enable hay and wrapped bales to be distributed in a safe and risk free manner.

As the worldwide leader in spreading technology, KUHN offers a wide variety of side-discharge and rear-discharge mcuk spreaders designed and built to meet the needs of any farming or industrial operation.

Discover our range dedicated to Manure Spreaders

  • 2044 ProPush box spreader silhouette

    Rear Discharge Manure Spreaders

    KUHN Knight is the leader in innovative box spreaders, with over 60 years of experience. KUHN Knight apron and push-type box spreaders are an ideal choice for producers seeking to take maximum advantage of the nutrient value of their manure, from pen pack to dry yard manure. Truck and trailer models are available with several discharge options allowing you to customize your machine to your operation. Read more

  • SL 118 ProTwin Slinger manure spreader

    Side Discharge Manure Spreaders

    KUHN Knight is the leader in side-discharge spreaders, with over 30 years of experience. The ProTwin Slinger manure spreader can spread the widest variety of materials, from solids to slurry, while providing an even and controlled spread pattern. This accurate application will continue to help you use the nutrient value of manure and help reduce purchased fertiliser costs. Read more

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