Rear Discharge Manure Spreaders

KUHN Knight is the leader in innovative box spreaders, with over 60 years of experience. KUHN Knight apron and push-type box spreaders are an ideal choice for producers seeking to take maximum advantage of the nutrient value of their manure, from pen pack to dry yard manure. Truck and trailer models are available with several discharge options allowing you to customize your machine to your operation.

PS 235-242

KUHN PS 235 and 242 ProSpread apron box spreaders are non-commercial spreaders that provide an affordable option for producers without sacrificing quality. With capacities of 7.8 and 10.2 m³, these machines are ideal for small dairy, feeder, and cow/calf operations.

PS 250-260-270-280

The KUHN PS 250, 260 & 270 ProSpread apron box manure spreaders are high-capacity, non-commercial spreaders designed for feeder, cow/calf, and dairy operations that process a wide array of semi-solid and solid materials.

PSC 100

The KUHN PSC Series sets the standard for durability and versatility in the commercial box spreader class. Offering truck and trailer models across the line, with three discharge options, these high-capacity spreaders will efficiently spread a broad range of materials.

2000 ProPush

KUHN 2000 Series ProPush hydraulic push-type spreaders are designed to haul and spread solid materials from dairies and feedlots, including gutter manure, yard scrapings, bedding pack and feedlot manure. Two models are available with capacities of 10.3-14.6 m³.

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