Single Rotor Rakes

KUHN's rake design is well adapted to harvesting and preserving the quality and nutritional value of the forage. Single-rotor rakes are a simple and effective swathing solution. The KUHN range offers models in mounted or trailed versions, with working widths from 3.20 m to 5.00 m.

GA 300 GM - 1001 GM

GA 300 and GM 3201 G/GM models of single rotor rakes are ideal for small farms. Fitted with 9 tine arms, these rakes work at widths of 3.20 m.

GA 1021 GM

GA 4121 GM and GA 4321 GM single rotor rakes have MASTERDRIVE gearboxes, which are extremely reliable during intensive operations. The working widths of these machines are 4.10 m and 4.20 m respectivly.

GA 1031 single rotor

GA 4431, GA 4731 and GA 5031 are mounted single rotor rakes. They rake at a working width of 4.40 to 5.00 m. With the MASTERDRIVE GIII gearbox they are just as reliable as the larger models. Their arm holders make tine removal very easy.

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