PRIMOR 2060 M Straw blower and feeder mounted version

Details for the PRIMOR 2060 M mounted version


PRIMOR 2060 M mounted all-fodder straw blower and feeder, with POLYDRIVE system and a capacity of 2 m3

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Separating power!

The PRIMOR 2060 M straw-blower & feeder is a multi-functional machine capable of handling long fibres, such as hay and haylage, thanks to the patented POLYDRIVE system which drives the separator.

The result is quality bedding and guaranteed comfort for your animals: the pneumatic separating chamber concept ensures that straw is spread evenly over the full depth of the bedding area, at distances of up to 18 m. The strands of straw are preserved for long litter life.
Mounted PRIMOR 2060 M in action

Your benefits

Suitable for use with all types of bales

Fully autonomous loading with the KUHN PRIMOR 2060 M straw blower & feeder

Fully autonomous loading!

The gently-sloping tailgate is flush with the conveyor belt, facilitating the loading of round and cubic bales with no need for an external loader.

The tub fitted to the PRIMOR 2060 M has been designed to handle round (1 round bale up to 1.8 m in diameter) and cubic (1 cubic bale up to 2.7 m in length) bales of all sizes.

In emergency situations, the PRIMOR 2060 M can also be used to distribute grass and corn-based silage.


The mounted design makes the PRIMOR 2060 M extremely easy to manoeuvre, ensuring easy access to narrow buildings, single-access feed corridors, tight bedding areas etc.

The chute is positioned at the top of the turbine, to keep overall width to a minimum in both straw-blowing and feed distribution modes.

The overall length is just 2.89 metres!
Superior manoeuvrability thanks to the mounted design of the KUHN PRIMOR 2060 M straw-blower & feeder

High quality straw blowing and long fibre feeding

The PRIMOR 2060 M straw blower & feeder is fitted with our patented POLYDRIVE system, combining the power of a mechanical drive system with the flexibility of a hydraulic solution for hassle-free distribution of even the longest fibres.

POLYDRIVE feed rotor drive

With the POLYDRIVE patented system, the feed rotor benefits from the power generated by the turbine flywheel. Distribution of long-fibre fodder is no longer a chore.

With a drive belt that can be disengaged as required via the electric controls in the tractor cab, you can cut the fodder flow when obstacles are encountered along the feed passage (posts, drinking troughs, passing farm workers, etc.).

All it takes is 2.5 minutes to distribute a 1.4 m bale of haylage!

Separator capable of handling all types of feed, for long fibre feeding

The PRIMOR 2060 M straw-blower & feeder is equipped with an all-fodder feed rotor, with sections mounted on a series of 8 discs for optimal calibration of long fibres.

The regulating tines ensure a regular flow of feed into the turbine, shaped and positioned to distribute the fodder along the whole length of the separator.
The all-fodder feed rotor of the KUHN PRIMOR 2060 M straw-blower ensures effective calibration of long fibres

Regular, even quantity of straw per m²

The turbine wheel is composed of 8 bolted-on blades, 2 of which are slightly longer, in order to vary the rate of flow of straw into the turbine and create a shower effect.

The large surface area of the blades ensures that the fodder is propelled all the way up the chute. The result is regular, constant straw distribution throughout the whole space, with no need to shift the chute cap upwards.
An even quantity of straw and a happy herd thanks to the KUHN PRIMOR 2060 M straw-blower & feeder

KUHN, the leading name in straw blowing!

The 150 mm space between the blades and the turbine inflow is what we call the “pneumatic separation chamber.”

The volume of air moving through this chamber draws the feed while also gently untangling it. The straw thus remains intact. The result is a litter which is more resistant and longer-lasting, delivering greater comfort for your animals!
Efficient straw separation with no need for re-cutting thanks to the pneumatic separation chamber installed on the KUHN PRIMOR 2060 M straw-blower & feeder

Controls designed for your comfort

Ergonomic electric controls for comfortable use of the KUHN PRIMOR 2060 M straw blower & feeder day after day

Electric controls as standard

The electric controls ensure a smooth user experience. The compact control panel has been designed to fit inside all types of tractor cabs.

Enjoy full access to all the functions of your machine without leaving the driver's seat.

The only operation requiring a remote control cable is changing the turbine speed (310 and 620 min-1).

Combined on a single control pad, you can change the direction of the chute and adjust the chute cap with one hand!


The KUHN PRIMOR 2060 M in straw blowing mode, with 300° swivel chute


Technical characteristics
Capacity, loading door raised (m3)
Tractor linkage
Blowing straw into bedding areas and cubicles
Separating system
Max. blowing distance
Turbine speed (min-1)
Beam comprising regulating tines
Parking stand
PTO shaft
PTO power requirement without silage bales kW (hp)
PTO power requirement with silage bales kW (hp)
Output mini/maxi (l/min) at 180 bar (pressure required)
Minimum tractor hydraulic requirement
Weight, dimensions, number and dimensions of loaded bales
Round and square bales
All-fodder feeding (including long-fibre fodder)
driven by POLYDRIVE system
Hydraulic loading tailgate to load round and square bales
On the right up to 18 m (and on the left up to 13 m with the swivelling chute 300°)
On the right-hand side with the discharge chute
270 & 540 (teleflex-controlled gear change)
Interchangeable conveyor bolted to the body with double bottom and dump flap
1-position fixed beam
Free-wheel and slip friction clutch
66 (90)
66 (90)
30 - 45
1 SA with free return
See table "Recommended use and technical specifications"


The KUHN PRIMOR 2060 M in transport mode
The KUHN PRIMOR 2060 M in transport mode
The KUHN PRIMOR 2060 M in transport mode