Round Bale Wrappers

Crop conditions, field conditions and the weather all have to be taken into account when wrapping bales ready for crop handling and storage. Perfectly wrapped bales combined with a high output and outstanding durability guarantee KUHN round bale wrappers to be a profitable investment. The unique features and innovations, including the INTELLIWRAP and e-TWIN wrapping technologies make a real difference. The KUHN RW round bale wrappers are available as a mounted or a trailed version and are capable of wrapping round bales as from 1.00m to 1.60m diameter and a width of 1.20m.

RW 1410-1610

The KUHN RW 1410 and 1610 are trailed, self-loading wrappers offering greater versatility and efficiency. The RW 1410 will lift bales of up to 150 cm in diameter and 1000 kg, while the professional RW 1610 is capable of loading bales of up to 1200 kg.

RW 1810

Does wrapping 100 bales per hour with 6 layers of film seem impossible? Not with the KUHN RW 1810 bale wrapper. With a 30% faster cycle time you can keep up with the fastest balers around. It is also capable of loading the heaviest bales of up to 160 cm in diameter, weighing 1400 kg.

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