GMD 105 disc mowers

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Defy the laws of the terrain!

The new GMD Series 105 vertical folding disc mowers with a working width of 2.80 to 3.50 m are ideally suited to medium-sized farms. Enjoy a clean, regular cut as well as the reliability and performance of the cutter bar.

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With a working width between 2.80 and 3.50 metres, the new GMD 105 series mowers are intended for farmers seeking improved ground following and forage ejection on uneven terrain. Their high-speed working capacity and low power input make them machines designed to swallow hectares at a lower cost without impacting mowing quality. Their compactness makes them perfectly compatible with light tractors. They are equipped with the 100 series cutter bar and various equipment that provide all the reliability needed for mowing. The GMD 105 series comes in 3 models: GMD 285 (2.80 m), GMD 315 (3.10 m), GMD 355 (3.50 m).
GMD 105 at work

Your benefits

Impeccable cut quality!

Dynamic weight reduction and powerful suspension give you excellent ground contour following with the GMD 105 Series.

New CONSTANT FLOAT suspension kinematics

The new CONSTANT FLOAT suspension kinematics provides the mower unit with a suspension system worthy of a pendulum-type articulation. It is also extremely stable, so cut height is regular, even at high speeds, and ground following is optimum. The sward is protected, even when it is wet. Suspension adjustment is quick and simple: no tools are required. With a significant tilt angle ranging between -25/+35 degrees, the mower follows the ground in the most extreme situations with great ease. This wide range of tilting makes it possible to mow embankments.

Direct drive via the first disc

Direct drive of the cutter bar through the first disc is an additional asset on this machine. With this high clearance, forage flows smoothly through to the rear of the machine, especially on uneven plots and when cutting the swath again. A swath wheel is mounted behind the outer disc cone and separates cut from uncut crop allowing the right tractor wheels to drive over the ground instead of the previously cut crop. The swath is regular, well shaped and easy to pick-up.
Good forage flow to the rear owing to the direct cutter bar drive

Retain the resale value of your machine!

Should an obstacle be struck, the safety breakaway causes the mower unit to swing slightly backwards. The pivot release mechanism is offset to the extreme left of the machine and with 22° displacement to the rear. The machine absorbs shocks better in the event of impacting an obstacle. The impact of the shock is significantly reduced. The system is simply reset by backing up.
Safety breakaway to protect the mowing unit

A robust design

PROTECTADRIVE safety system

Maximum reliability with the 100 series cutter bar

The cutter bar was designed to withstand obstacles. With the PROTECTADRIVE safety system, in the event of a very violent impact of a disc against an obstacle, the shaft supporting the disc shears above the bearing thanks to a pre-defined shearing groove. The toothed wheels are protected. In less than 15 minutes, the machine is back up and running at a very low repair cost.
High-end components strengthen the core of the cutter bar:
  • Cutter bar with special double-row angled contact ball bearings.
  • Large-diameter, high-precision forged steel toothed wheels with 3 teeth intermeshing.
  • Specific design of the casings to avoid any particular stress on the fastening screws.
  • Knife attachment in a forged steel cup, complet disc coating to reduce the risk of wear.

FAST-FIT: a 100% safe fastening

The GMD 105 series mowers are fitted with the FAST-FIT quick release system that allows for 3 additional guarantees:
  •  A powerful leaf spring provides constant pressure to the knife's retainer: no reduction of the knife rotation speed.
  • The knife retaining pins are also equipped with a shoulder to provide an additional level of securement.
  • The leaf spring can only be depressed to remove the knife at one point when the knife is centered over the shoe. Thus when the disc is rotating it is not possible for the knife to be released. To minimise costs the knife retention pin can be replaced separately from the leaf spring.
Cutting quality remains excellent owing to the compactness of the cutter bar and the exclusive shape of the blades which move as
close as possible to the protective skids.
FAST-FIT quick blade replacement system

Designed to last!

All GMD 105 series mowers are fitted as standard with a reinforced outer link between the cutter bar and the frame. With two built-in rubber mounts, this device ensures good hold in difficult working conditions or when travelling on poorly maintained paths. This outer link combined with the new direct cutter bar drive ensures performance and optimal durability even in the most difficult conditions.
Reinforced outer link between the cutter bar and the frame

Comfort of use and fast settings

GMD 105 series headstock

Coupling compatibility

To ensure a full cutting width when the mower is coupled to tractors with variable wheel track width, GMD 285 to 355 mowers can be offset by 190 mm.

Preserve your swaths during manoeuvres

The large clearance in headland turn position (about 50 cm on the inner side) is appreciable in hilly regions. You benefit from excellent ground clearance during U-turns and the swaths are preserved. For more comfort and less mechanical stress, a hydraulic limiter gently stops the lift in the upper position. There are no jolts when the machine is lifted.
Large clearance to protect your swaths when manoeuvring

Gain time during the season

The disc bearing can be removed or installed quickly and easily on the 100 series cutter bar. A possible repair is carried out from the outside and at a lower cost. The machine's downtime is reduced. Access to the cutter bar is extremely easy thanks to the double cover opening and does not require tools. Replacing knives, maintaining or cleaning the machine is greatly facilitated.
Easy cutter bar access

GMD 315 at work


Technical characteristics
Working width (m)
Cutter bar
Number of discs with wear skids
Blade attachment
Cutting height range with standard skids (mm)
Gear train protection system
Outer link between bar and guard
Ground following
Safety breakaway
Mowing angle
Headland turning position
Average swath width (m)
Swath wheel position
Adjustable hitch offset
Setting into transport position
PTO speed (min-1)
Free wheel
Theoretical tractor power requirement (kW/hp)
Required tractor hydraulic connections
Approx. weight (kg) fitted with FAST-FIT knives
GMD 315 FF GMD 355 FF
3.10 3.50
100 series with direct drive and reinforced outer housings 100 series with direct drive and reinforced outer housings
8 9
30 - 50 30 - 50
PROTECTADRIVE safety system PROTECTADRIVE safety system
As standard As standard
Side articulation Side articulation
By spring By spring
As standard - mechanical lock As standard - mechanical lock
Angling of +35° to -25° Angling of +35° to -25°
By integrated hydraulic cylinder By integrated hydraulic cylinder
2.40 2.80
As standard - Outer position As standard - Outer position
3-point - Cat. 2 3-point - Cat. 2
2 positions - 190 mm offset 2 positions - 190 mm offset
110° folding 110° folding
540 540
As standard As standard
30 / 41 34 / 46
1 SA 1 SA
845 875


GMD 285 at work