Outline of the FC 1055 TLR

Effortless work with a simple and well-designed mower conditioner!

The new FC 3155 and 3555 TLR mower conditioners are simple in design while incorporating the recognized qualities of the KUHN range. The simple handling allows the user to quickly take advantage of the machine's potential

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Combining simplicity and quality of work, the new FC 3155 and 3555 TLR mower-conditioners have a lighter design without sacrificing the recognized qualities of the KUHN range. Equipped with the OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar ensuring exceptional mowing quality in all conditions, the SQUAREFLEX roller conditioner with an exclusive profile promoting optimal drying and forage quality preservation, they will meet your needs. Owing to their compact size, they are easy to handle and particularly suitable for working in narrow plots. Their limited weight makes them compatible with small tractors. In addition, their ease of handling allows the user to quickly take advantage of the machine's potential.
In short, the FC 3155 and 3555 TLR mowers are the perfect balance between simplicity, quality of work and robustness .
FC 3155 TLR at work

Your benefits

Always high-end quality of work

PROTECTADRIVE shearing system

The OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar

The OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar recognized for its quality of work is naturally present on the FC 3155 TLR and FC 3555 TLR models. The variable spacing between the discs, the large overlap areas and the low mowing angle provide the mowing quality you are looking for. The mowers thus ensure a clean and regular cut in all situations. The OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar is equipped with several exclusive features:
- Where the discs diverge, the gap is reduced to facilitate the blade overlap. The mowing is clean and neat, even in short or light forage. (A)
- Where the discs converge, the gap is increased to provide more space for the forage flow. It is quickly evacuated to the rear; the work of the mower is not disturbed. (B)
- An overlap area which is almost doubled for improved quality of cut in wet and sticky soils (or presence of molehills), heavy and lying forage or plant cover harvested at the end of autumn.
- A lower pitch angle: in very short mowing, this prevents typical undulating mowing profile. This development also promotes uniform and faster regrowth and easier adjustment of subsequent machines.
- New disc bearings with an exclusive shape and fastening still ensure a secure hold of the knives when subjected to shocks while providing them with 360° freedom of rotation.
In hilly terrain, in wet conditions or in sticky grass, the soil no longer builds up in front of the cutter bar. Its specific pads improve sliding and preserve the plant cover.

Maximum reliability and hold

The cutter bar has been designed to withstand shocks against obstacles. With the PROTECTADRIVE safety system, in the event of a very violent impact of a disc against an obstacle, the shaft supporting the disc shears above the bearing thanks to a judiciously dimensioned shearing groove. The gear wheels are protected. In less than 15 minutes, the machine is operational again with a very low repair cost.
A KUHN feature: the bearings are fixed by long screws, crossing the cutter bar. Any risk of the bearings tearing off in the event of impact is avoided.
High-end components reinforce the heart of the cutter bar:
- Cutter bar with special double-row angular contact ball bearings.
- Large diameter sprockets made of high precision forged steel with 3 teeth intermeshing.
- Discs with forged cups and treated on the entire surface.
- Steel disc pads treated, with the possibility of adding protective linings (fastening by screws).
To extend the machine's service life, shock absorbers are integrated between the cutter bar and the chassis. Shocks have less impact on the machine's structure during mowing at high ground speeds.
PROTECTADRIVE shearing system

Low maintenance

The OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar allows you to save time thanks to:
- Lifetime lubrication. No cutter bar maintenance is required.
- 100% safe FAST-FIT quick attachment system for knives. A powerful leaf spring ensures constant pressure on the knife retaining screw for added safety. Changing the blades requires only little time.
Maintenance is limited mainly to the transmissions and a few pivot points, and this, with a very comfortable interval.
Quick change of the FAST-FIT knives

Polyurethane SQUAREFLEX rollers for delicate crops

Thanks to the specific shape of the SQUAREFLEX rollers, the plants are crimped by a regular movement, whatever direction the strands are introduced. The adjustment of the pressure between the rollers is carried out by means of an easily accessible adjustment screw. In addition, the gap between the rollers can widen to allow the passage of most foreign bodies.
The two rollers are driven by a gearbox (no chains or belts!) and are synchronized for life (longer service life, no maintenance required). The two rollers rotate at 780 min-1 ensuring optimal operation in all conditions, in delicate fodder such as alfalfa but also in dense forage or with large stems (ryegrass, sorghum, immature cereals, etc.).
Conditioner with polyurethane SQUAREFLEX rollers

Ground following worthy of KUHN

A FC 3155 TLR mower conditioner exerts little ground pressure, preventing the soil from being compacted.

Mowers designed to preserve soils

The two mowers have a reasonable weight and are fitted with specific tyres. The ground pressure remains low and thus compaction is limited.

Simple and effective suspension

The new KUHN mowers are fitted with spring suspension. The setting
can be adjusted very simply by acting on the spring tension thanks to two easily accessible cranks. The suspension provides effective lightening of the mower unit to preserve the plant cover in wet conditions while ensuring perfect adaptation to ground contours.
FC 3155 TLR at work

Optimized ground following

Maintaining the mowing unit by three points ensures great freedom of movement in relation to the frame. Ground following is improved. In addition, the reduced distance between the wheels and the OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar provides better responsiveness for ground following. With these machines, you get a quality cut in all situations.
The FC 3155 TLR mower conditioner at work on grassland

A machine with simple and effective settings

The cutting height setting on the FC 3155 TLR is simple

A easily and quickly adjustable machine

The ergonomic devices of the machine provide additional comfort in everyday life. Adjust the mower unit's pitch angle at a single point by accessing the right side of the machine. Thus, adjusting the cutting height is very simple.
The ground pressure springs are tensioned by crank, easily accessible from the rear of the machine.
Finally, the swath width can be set by directing the deflectors without tools at the rear of the mower.

A mower compatible even with the simplest tractors

The hydraulic requirements of the machine are minimal. The mowing unit is raised using a single-acting valve and the drawbar is shifted in the transport/working position by a double-acting valve. Only the lighting requires an electrical connection. The primary drive is always perfectly aligned, thanks to the GYRODINE headstock. You can also make tight turns with no problem. The 2-point hitch is cat. 2 and 3 compatible. The load remains light on the tractor's lift arms. Driving is easy on field headlands, steep slopes, and even during transport due to the limited weight of the machine. The mowers are therefore suitable for small tractors.
FC 3155 TLR at work

Fast handling

The side drawbar can be steered from the cabin by simply operating a hydraulic valve. The machine's offset with regards to the tractor is quickly and precisely adjustable in the event of tight manoeuvres or on slopes. When driven, the machine can also the possibility of completely offset or repositioned behind the tractor without risk of damaging the secondary drive equipped with a wide-angle universal joint.
FC 3155 TLR at work

FC 3155 TLR at work


Technical characteristics
Working width (m)
Transport width (m)
Cutter bar
Number of discs with heat treated protection skids
Disc skid lining
Cutting height range with standard skids (mm)
Adjustment of the suspension
Conditioning system
Conditioner speed (min-1)
Overall swath width (min/max) approx. (m)
PTO speed (min-1)
Free wheel
Theoretical tractor power requirement (kW/hp)
Required tractor hydraulic connections
Road lights and signalling on front and rear
Approx. weight (kg)
FC 3155 TLR FC 3555 TLR
3.10 3.50
3.00 3.50
Side-pull Side-pull
OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar with FAST-FIT quick release knife system, modular disc bearing housings removable from the outside and featuring the PROTECTADRIVE safety OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar with FAST-FIT quick release knife system, modular disc bearing housings removable from the outside and featuring the PROTECTADRIVE safety
7 8
2 - as standard 2 - as standard
35 to 65 35 to 65
Per crank handles Per crank handles
2 driven and synchronized SQUAREFLEX rollers in polyurethane 2 driven and synchronized SQUAREFLEX rollers in polyurethane
780 780
0.80 / 2.20 1.10 / 2.50
Gyrodine headstock - 2-point swinging drawbar cat. 2 and 3 Gyrodine headstock - 2-point swinging drawbar cat. 2 and 3
10.0/75 x 15.3 10.0/75 x 15.3
540 540
Integrated in the drive gearbox Integrated in the drive gearbox
55 / 75 55 / 75
1 SA + 1 DA 1 SA + 1 DA
As standard As standard
1970 2090


FC 3155 TLR at work
FC 3155 TLR at work