FC 1030 RA mower conditioner with swath grouper

Shape of the FC 9330 RA

Mowing, conditioning, swathing!

With a working width of 9.30m, the work output of the FC 9330 RA is at its maximum without compromising the quality of the harvested forage. It is intended for contractors, machinery cooperatives and larger farms.

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The areas to mow are continuously increasing in size, whereas optimal mowing periods are limited. Lowering the level of impurities of 4 to 2 % per year allows saving up to 89€/ha/year*. That is why it is essential for farming operations to harvest forage without impurities. You can count on the performance, work quality and reliability of the KUHN solutions.
Grouping some forages just after they are cut is now possible with the new FC 9330 RA mower conditioner with swath grouper.
Couple a FC 3125 F or FC 3525 F to the front for the complete combination
FC 9330 RA at work

Your benefits

A new mower design

The mower conditioner with conveyor at work in a field in Germany

Reduced weight combined with compactness on a large model

Limiting the weight and loads on the tractor components were key criteria when designing the machine. These goals were reached thanks to the new design of the frame and mowing-grouping unit holding arms which allowed reducing the weight, increasing the compactness with a centre of gravity set 15 cm forward with regards to conventional machines. A notable weight reduction also comes from the belt conveyor frames made of aluminium. The reasonable weight is also an advantage at work: lower power requirement and limited soil compaction. Furthermore, the action of the hydro-pneumatic suspension facilitates ground following.

A large width machine easy to manoeuvre

Remarkable stability, particularly for transport. The machine's design limits load transfer on the rear axle, owing to its conveyor structures in aluminium and mowing units located closest to the tractor. The reasonable weight and optimized centre of gravity improve the tractor's balance and stability for safe transport.
The mower conditioner with swath grouper in transport mode on the roads

A compact machine with easier access

The front guards automatically retract in transport position for easier and secure access to the rrear of the tractor! It is possible also to retract them when the machine is unfolded for easy access in order to replace knives or for machine cleaning. The mower can be stored in the vertical position to reduce the space requirement for winter storage.
You can easily access the rear of the tractor: the mower's front guards retract in the folded position

Quality work with ground following

The OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar offers excellent quality of cut

Benefit from the OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar

The 2 mowing units are fitted the OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bars with 8 discs and 3.50 m working width. For optimum work on bends or slopes, the cutting overlap with a front mower conditioner FC 3125F is 42 cm per side! Clean forage is the key to success for savings in concentrates to be added into the herd's feed. The varying spacing between discs, the large overlap areas and small mowing angle of the OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar provide the much sought-after quality.
Where discs diverge, spacing is reduced for increased knife overlap. Clean mowing even in short or light forage.
Where discs converge, spacing is larger, offering more space for forage to flow. It is quickly expelled rearwards, the mower work is not disturbed.
On hilly grounds, in wet or sticky grass conditions, soil can build up in front of the cutter bar, except with the OPTIDISC ELITE! Its specific skids improve gliding and preserve the sward. Another benefit for forage quality especially in difficult conditions.

Maximum reliability and hold

The cutter bar has been designed to cope with obstacles. With the PROTECTADRIVE safety system, in case a disc hits an obstacle very violently, the shaft holding the disc shears above a cleverly dimensioned shearing groove above the bearing. Gearwheels are protected. In less than 15 minutes, the machine is operational again at a very low repair cost.
The bearing is fastened by long screws, going through the cutter bar. Risk of bearings being torn out in case of a shock is prevented.
High-end components reinforce the core of the cutter bar:
- cutter bar with special double row angular contact ball bearings.
- Large diameter gearwheels in high precision forged steel with 3 teeth intermeshing.
- Discs with forged and fully heat treated cups.
- Heat treated steel disc skids with possibility of adding protective lining (fastening per screw).
To increase the machine's service life, dampers are fitted between the cutter bar and the frame. When mowing at high ground speed, the machine structure is less affected by shocks.
The PROTECTADRIVE safety protects the cutter bar in case of a very violent shock

Maintenance reduced to the minimum

Maintenance will not take all your time.
The OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar is an excellent example of added value created thanks to the close cooperation between manufacturer and farmers. This solution is fully adapted to the practice and helps you save time owing to:
  • Life-lubrication. Maintenance-free cutter bar.

  • The fully safe FAST-FIT knife attachment system comprises a leaf spring ensuring constant pressure on the fastening screw for further safety. Knife replacement requires little time.

Maintenance is essentially limited to the drive components and a few pivot points, and at large intervals.
Save time with the FAST-FIT quick knife release system

NON-STOP safety system combined with the LIFT-CONTROL suspension

During the high season, nobody can afford to damage the mower because of a forgotten obstacle, or even a wrong manoeuvre.
When encountering an obstacle, the concerned mower unit shifts rearwards around a pivot point. The mower unit automatically returns to the initial position without stopping

  • The safety remains effective even if the obstacle is struck by the inner discs of the mower unit, since the pivot point of the arm is sufficiently far from the first discs.
  • The front edge of the mower unit rises slightly, providing additional clearance. 
With the LIFT-CONTROL suspension and the NON-STOP safety system, the mowing unit is protected from obstacles

High-performance and easy-to-adjust conditioning

The new conditioner with metal fingers contributes to the weight reduction of the machine. The lever-controlled two-speed gearbox offers the possibility of operating the conditioner at a slower speed to preserve the most delicate forages. Conditioning is easily adjusted to suit forages and weather conditions. The standard recycling plate (placed between mowing unit and belts), prevents forage loss.
The conveyor belts are driven by 2 pumps supplied by a tank integrated into the central frame. The other hydraulic functions use a hydraulic unit connected in load sensing to the tractor (folding, lifting-lowering on headland, conveyor positioning, suspension). This design avoids significant hydraulic requirements during work, eliminates overheating and increases the responsiveness of machine functions. The tension of the belts is set centrally, quickly and with ease.
The mower conditioner with belt offers quality conditioning and swathing

ISOBUS technology available on a mower

Find all controls of your FC 9330 RA mower conditioner on your ISOBUS CCI terminal

All settings in the cab via ISOBUS

All machine controls are grouped on the tractor ISOBUS terminal or on the CCI 800 or 1200 options available. All machine functions, as well as the front mower, are easily controllable. At a glance, it is possible to view all settings and indicators. Functions such as the integrated headland turn sequence make it easier to operate the mower combination. Contact your KUHN partner to find out more about equipment compatibility.

Even greater comfort of use

Adding an ISOBUS joystick such as the CCI A3 (optional) further improves comfort of use.
Gain comfort and ease of use with the optional CCI A3 joystick

The mower conditioner with swath grouper FC 9330 RA at work in grassland, on the field boundary.


Technical characteristics
Working width (m) in combination with a front mower
Overlap between front and rear units (cm)
Transport width (m)
Transport height (m)
Cutter bar
Number of discs with heat treated protection skids
Disc skid lining
Cutting height range with standard skids (mm)
Ground following
Safety breakaway
Outer protection
Conditioning system
Conditioner speed (min-1)
Conditioner drive
Conveyor belt drive
Forage delivered by conveyor belt
Machine parking
PTO speed (min-1)
Overload protection
Free wheel
Theoretical tractor power requirement (kW/hp)
Required tractor hydraulic connections
Required tractor electrical connections
Machine control
Speed signal
Approx. weight (kg)
FC 9330 D-RA
42 (FC 3125 DF) / 62 (FC 3525 DF)
Below 4 m
OPTIDISC ELITE cutter bar with FAST-FIT quick release, modular disc bearing stations removable from the outside and fitted with PROTECTADRIVE safety
2 x 8 (2 x 3.50 m)
2 - as standard on each cutter bar
35 to 65
Pendulum articulation
LIFT-CONTROL hydro-pneumatic suspension
Non-Stop rearward and upward shifting safety system while at the same time lifting the cutter bar front
Hydraulic folding Flexprotect side guards
Pivoting steel fingers - adjustable conditioning plate with 5-position lever
755 or 1000 - adjustable by selector lever
By gearbox with anti-blocking system
By integrated hydraulic unit with pumps fitted on the central gearbox.
Belt position and speed adjustable from the cab. Possibility to modulate the belt speed according to the slope angle (manual compensation by the driver or automatic by standard built-in inclinometer)
To choose from: central delivery (width of 1.80 to 3.60 m), delivery with one side raised (18 m cut delivered over 12 m for raking by a 4-rotor rake), flat delivery
3-point - Cat. 3 or 4N (Quick Hitch cat. 3/4N compatible)
Unfolded or folded in vertical position
Torque limiter on primary PTO-shaft
Standard - on side gearboxes
154 / 210
Rear machine LS connected: 1 x pressure, 1 x free return, 1 x load sensing
Front machine: 1 x SA (plus 1 x DA if hydraulically controlled Flexprotect side guards)
Rear machine: 1 7-pin plug and 1 ISOBUS plug
Front machine: 1 7-pin plug
ISOBUS machine: use of a CCI terminal or ISOBUS-certified tractor terminal
via TECU (if ITH harness, plan a type B cable)


The mower conditioner with swath grouper FC 9330 RA at work in grassland