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Intensive mixing at high speed

KUHN offers larger diameter disc cultivators with the OPTIMER XL 100 and 1000 models. The OPTIMER XL range with 620mm discs ensures increased penetration capacity for working at 5 to 15 cm deep, in large quantities of residues.

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The OPTIMER XL range is available in mounted and trailed models from 3 to 5 metres working width. These disc cultivators provide a working capacity of 5 to 15 cm depth and optimal penetration thanks to larger discs (620 mm diameter).
With an OPTIMER XL, all the advantages of stubble cultivation are on your side: shallow to deep stubble cultivation, burial of large quantities of residue and the destruction of plant cover.
The OPTIMER XL range is suitable for tractors from 70 to 250 horsepower and offers a wide range of rollers to meet the needs of your fields.
OPTIMER XL at work

Your benefits

Intensive mixing at high speed

OPTIMER XL 300 in stubble cultivation

Strong penetration ability

The OPTIMER XL stands out from the competition with better penetration in dry conditions. This is due to its unique design, which boasts:
  • a wide disc hanger which avoids lateral movement of the disc,
  • an elastomer safety device combining powerful penetration but also forgiving in the event of large shocks,
  • one disc per arm for better penetrations and flow of material through the machine.,
  • optimised attack angles of the disc (12° vertical - 14° horizontal).

Increased material flow

With one disc per arm, the OPTIMER XL provides a greater capacity for material flow.
In comparison with the OPTIMER+ range, the OPTIMER XL boast significantly greater clearances to ensure quality stubble cultivation in large quantities of residue:
  • clearance between disc gangs (front and rear) = 95 cm
  • clearance under the disc hanger = 70 cm
  • Frame clearance = 91 cm
Thanks to these high clearances, the risk of blockages is almost eliminated. The OPTIMER XL can easily work in high quantities of residues or bury manure.
Wide view of the OPTIMER XL 5000 in work

Intensive mixing

The impressive mixing quality of the OPTIMER XL lies in its 620mm diameter conical profile discs with a 12 ° vertical angle. The conical profile means the same angle of penetration is maintained throughout the life of the disc. To maintain its cutting quality, the discs have a thickness of 6mm to preserve its aggressive profile.
Zoom on the work of the OPTIMER XL 300 discs

A range built around simplicity

Mechanical (left) and continuous hydraulic (right) depth adjustment

Simple and quick adjustments

The OPTIMER XL has simple settings, just like the rest of the KUHN product range. Mechanical wedge adjustments are fitted as standard: fast and intuitive, they have been designed to make life easier for farmers.
As an option, the working depth can be hydraulically adjustable on the move. So, the driver can vary the working depth depending on the type of soil, the presence of stones or wet areas.
All settings are tool-free for guaranteed user comfort.

Minimal maintenance

The OPTIMER XL retains one of the major advantages of the OPTIMER + range; low-level maintenance of the machine. In fact, the OPTIMER XL aims to avoid downtime during stubble cultivations.
The disc bearings are maintenance-free and lubricated for life.
The low maintenance gives considerable time saving.
View of the bearings of the OPTIMER XL independent discs

Quality wearing parts

The large 620 mm diameter discs have a thickness of 6 mm.
In fact, 6 mm of thickness give you 20% longer life compared to the 5 mm discs.
With less frequent replacement of discs and the quality of work preserved, the OPTIMER XL saves you time and money.
The large 620 mm diameter discs have a thickness of 6 mm to use the full potential of the wear of your stubble cultivator.

A cultivator adapted to all conditions

Zoom on the levelling harrow at the rear of the OPTIMER XL discs

Optional levelling harrows

The OPTIMER XL range has the advantage of being equipped with different options to adapt to the soil conditions of different fields or types of stubble cultivation desired.
The levelling harrow is located between the second set of discs and the roller. It offers the following benefits:
  • distribution of residues over the entire width of the machine
  • regulation of the soil flow in order not to clog the roller
  • levelling before the roller passes over. For the roller work to be effective, it is necessary to have a flat surface before it passes.

A wide choice of rollers

To achieve optimal consolidation, KUHN offers a wide range of rollers on the OPTIMER XL:
  • T-Ring (dia. 600 mm - 130kg/m): this roller guarantees good crumbling in clay or cloddy soil types and presses the straw to promote its decomposition.
  • V-Liner roller (dia. 600 mm - 145kg/m): very good crumbling and prodcuces a level finish with good shallow consolidation.  Its V profile limits runoff and improves water infiltration, it can work in both wet and dry conditions.
  • HD Liner (dia. 600 mm - 180kg/m): the HD liner offers a high level of consolidation. Its slotted profile also allows it to continue working in wet conditions.
  • Double roller U (dia. 600 mm - 175kg/m): Multi-purpose, it exerts a good pressure in light soil, does not suffer any blockages because it self-cleans, and the soil-to-soil contact limits the wear of the roller and avoids any smoothing effect.
  • Tube (dia. 550 mm - 75kg/m): Ideal in light soils, it offers a good compromise between crumbling, levelling and superficial consolidation.
  • T-Liner (dia. 600 mm - 140kg/m): This is a very good all rounder that allows it to adapt to different conditions and work objectives. It offers exceptional crumbling in clay and / or cloddy soils especially in the presence of stones.
Photo of HD Liner 600 roller for OPTIMER XL

Sowing cover crops

The OPTIMER XL trailed stubble cultivators are compatible with the SH 600 seeder. With a 600 litre hopper, this drill allows you to sow a cover or cereal crop at the same time as your stubble cultivation.
Its large capacity offers a fast work rate and reduces your downtime. It is easily accessible from the rear of the machine and is perfectly suited to loading from a big bag.
The QUANTRON S2 control box makes it easy to adjust the seed rate (manually or by a map), monitor the seed level and blower speed.
The VENTA metering unit offers excellent seeding accuracy from 1 to 430 kg / ha. It makes it possible to sow all types of seeds and fertilisers without the need for disassembly or tools.
View of the SH 600 multi-purpose seeder


Wide view of the OPTIMER XL 5000 at work


Technical characteristics
Maximum tractor power (kW/hp)
Minimum allowable power (kW/hp)
Working width (m)
Transport width (m)
Number of discs
Working depth (cm)
Lateral deflectors
Hitch attachment
Weight approx (kg) with T-Ring roller
Approx. weight (kg) with HD-Liner 600 mm roller
Notched disc diameter (mm)
Following harrow
Press rollers
Roller depth adjustment
Transport wheel
Lighting system
123/165 141/190 164/220 178/240 223 / 300
77/105 90/122 103/140 119/160 149 / 200
3 3,5 4 4 5
3 3,5 4 <2,55 <2,55
24 28 32 32 40
From 5 to 15 From 5 to 15 From 5 to 15 From 5 to 15
Left and right standard Left and right standard Left and right standard Right and left as standard Right and left as standard
2, 3N, 3 2, 3N, 3 3N, 3 Attachment std 3 Attachment std 3
5150 (with Double U roller) 5600 (with Double U roller)
2 248 2 596 2 888
620 (thickness 6mm) 620 (thickness 6mm) 620 (thickness 6mm) 620 620
In option In option In option In option In option
Standard Standard Standard Fitted as standard Fitted as standard
Mechanical working depth assistance Mechanical working depth assistance Mechanical working depth assistance Hydraulic Hydraulic
520/50x17 520/50x17
Fitted as standard Fitted as standard