Designed to meet the challenges faced by today's strip-till farmers, by providing an industry-leading precision tillage system that produces the perfect seedbed, whatever the conditions. Choose from a variety of fertiliser products (Solid, liquid, organic) to ensure the best nutrient plan for your operation.

Trailed Strip-Till

The KUHN trailed strip-till offer in-row conservation tillage, precise nutrient placement and non-stop seedbed conditioning to help progressive farmers manage input costs. The machines contour to the ground’s surface conditions allowing the shanks to consistently operate at your predetermined depth. A variety of dry and/or liquid fertilizer options are available. This is more than just strip-till, this is precision nutrient and seedbed management.

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    • Strip-till GLADIATOR 1210 silhouette photo

      GLADIATOR 1210

      Trailed models with working widths ranging from 7 m to 12.19 m.

Mounted Strip-Till

As part of conservation agriculture, the strip-till technique limits erosion, reduces water evaporation and reduces mechanisation costs while maintaining the yield potential of the plot. Discover our mounted models.

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    • GLADIATOR 1210M silhouette photo

      GLADIATOR 1210M

      Mounted models with working widths ranging from 3.05 m to 12.19 m.

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