HRB 122 - 152 - 182 - 202

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Specialist in small width tillage

This range of power harrows offers working widths from 1.20 to 2.10 m for horsepower up to 80 hp.

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Whatever the conditions, the cultivations must be of high quality. We develop soil preparation tools with special attention to ensuring quality work while being very versatile. Known for their robustness, reliability, safety and durability, KUHN power harrows are synonymous with low operating costs and reduced maintenance operations. HRB 122-152-182-202 power harrows are efficient in mechanical weeding in-between rows (vineyards / orchards) incorporating plant material into the soil and improving the soil structure.
HRB 122 - 152 - 182 - 202 at work

Your benefits

Robust and reliable power harrows

Cross-section view of a robust and reliable KUHN HRB 102 SERIES power harrow

Rely on the robustness of KUHN power harrows

HRB 122-152-182 power harrows have a high-tensile steel trough and a lifetime lubrication of the sprockets and bearings with semi-fluid grease. Sealing is ensured with o-rings for improved durability.The large dimensions of the gears increase the contact area allowing for greater torque transmission. Bearings are maintenance-free, with large tapered rollers. They are perfectly aligned with the one-piece distortion resistant housing and no additional adjustment is required. The bearing are held in place perfectly by the 18mm thick cast-iron bearing housing. No play is possible at tine holder, the splines on the rotor chaft are cold rolled into it, increasing the density of the metal. The connection with the shaft is perfect thanks to the conical centering of the tine holder. The tines have a high resistance to impact and wear thanks to the large surface area and volume of material.

Compact and robust casing

The housing, bearings and tine holders form a compact and very sturdy assembly. The small distance between the casing and the top of the tine holder prevents stones from jamming in this area. This small gap also directs the flow of soil towards the tines to be broken down into finer tilth.
HRB 152 power harrow with compact and robust casing

Robust central gearbox in ductile cast iron

The central gearbox is robust and made of ductile cast iron with a straight and mechanical output to ensure a faultless rotor drive.
Robust central gearbox in ductile cast iron on the HRB 152 power harrow

Work quality is key

HRB 152 at work in an orchard with the CRUMBLER roller

Benefit from the working depth control

The maintenance-free CRUMBLER roller with large diameter allows appropriate soil consolidation while efficiently controlling the working depth. The HRB 202 power harrow can also be fitted with a PACKER 2 roller with 515mm diameter.

Benefit from genuine comfort

Design specifically adapted to YOUR needs

Design specifically adapted to YOUR needs

The low height, rounded profile and small widths make the HRB 102 SERIES power harrows ideal for specialized crop production. They are specifically adapted for operations in vineyards and orchards or market gardening. No compromises were made in relation to larger models with larger widths, with the drivelines designed for each model.

Easy transport!

The small dimensions of these machines ensures the easy and safe transport on roads and paths. You can easily travel on a narrow road in any situation.
HRB 152 power harrow: truly easy transport and small dimensions


A wide choice of rollers for all conditions. Better equipped with track eradicators, hydraulic coupling, front levelling share and levelling bar.

HRB 152 power harrow at work in vineyards


Technical Characteristics
Working width approx. (m)
Overall width (m)
Maximum tractor power (kW/hp) at 540 min-1
Minimum power requirement (kW/hp) at 540 min-1
Rear PTO (same rotation as tractor)
PTO speed (min-1)
Rotor speed 540 min-1
Rotor speed 1000 min-1
Type of blades
Approx. weight. (kg) with Crumbler roller with removable tubes Ø 390 mm
Approx. weight (kg) with Packer PK2 roller Ø 515 mm
HRB 122HRB 152HRB 182HRB 202
59 / 8059 / 8059 / 8059 / 80
18 / 2522 / 3026 / 3530 / 40
Single speed for PTO at 540 min-1Single speed for PTO at 540 min-1Single speed for PTO at 540 min-1Single speed for PTO at 540 min-1
As standard on all modelsAs standard on all modelsAs standard on all modelsAs standard on all models
468 (in favorable conditions)468 (in favorable conditions)468 (in favorable conditions)468 (in favorable conditions)
Cat. 1, 1N and 2 with sliding yokes with continuous adjustmentCat. 1, 1N and 2 with sliding yokes with continuous adjustmentCat. 1, 1N and 2 with sliding yokes with continuous adjustmentCat. 2 and 3