CHALLENGER semi-mounted ploughs

CHALLENGER plough Silhouette

The solution for high power tractors

The CHALLENGER semi-mounted plough is available from 7 to 12 bodies to equip tractors from 200 to 500 hp.

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The CHALLENGER plough is the solution for high power tractors and extreme working conditions. It offers particularly high work rates thanks to its large working width.
The 110 ° turning angle provides exceptional manoeuvrability and time savings when making U-turns at the headland.
Robustness is also a major asset of the CHALLENGER range, as it has a 220 mm frame section.
As for the quality of work, the articulation of the frame ensures land undulations are perfectly followed, for a high quality ploughing.
The semi-mounted CHALLENGER ploughs are available with Safe-T or NSH safety device from 7 to 12 bodies for powers from 200 to 500 hp.
CHALLENGER plough at work

Your benefits

A plough for challenging all conditions

The one piece headstock of the CHALLENGER offers exceptional strength.

Proven design

CHALLENGER semi-mounted ploughs are manufactured with a single piece headstock. This unique part offers a much higher robustness than the other ploughs on the market since it eliminates the risk of deformation or loosening of the structure. Furthermore, the one piece steel pivot adds solidity to the plough with one sole traction line. The traction points are located very low to guarantee maximum load transfer and provide better traction when conditions become difficult.
The 220 mm section beam allows very powerful tractors to be used and ensures robustness throughout the work.

Simplicity of use

The CHALLENGER range can be optionally equipped with an adjustable hydraulic offset that can be adjusted from the driver's seat and able to suit all tyre spacings. This option makes it possible to adapt easily to the contours of the field and the power available. The wide range of offset offers the possibility of retracting the first body in more difficult conditions. It is also possible to work on-land.
The articulation of the frame (optional hydraulics) ensures perfect ground following with automatic locking when exiting the furrow. When exiting the line, while the front bodies are raised, the rear bodies remain in the soil at the chosen working depth. Zigzags in the headlands are reduced for better comfort and optimal ploughing quality.
The transport suspension protects the plough and the tractor by means of an hydro-pneumatic damper providing suspension of the whole.
The adjustments on the CHALLENGER are performed tool-free to save you time.
View of the semi-mounted plough in transport

Adaptation to the different types of soil

KUHN offers two safety devices for its CHALLENGER semi-mounted ploughs:
  • NSH Non-Stop Hydraulic Safety device: The pressure on the body varies according to depth, speed, working width, condition and nature of the soil. Adjusting the release pressure, without mechanical intervention, prevents stones from resurfacing and avoids the bodies jumping. The increasing or decreasing release pressures of the Non-Stop Hydraulic safety device ensures an instant return to the soil. With the NSH safety device, the parts are fully protected, and no maintenance is required.
  • The Safe-T safety device: clear breakage by traction bolt occurs after a force at the tip of 4700 kg. This avoids frequent activations of the safety device. Even after many releases, no deformation of the structure is visible. The breakage of the safety bolt remains clean and clear and changing the bolt is simple and fast.
View of the CHALLENGER plough with NSH security device

Perfect ploughing

Multiple width 14, 16 and 18 inches on the CHALLENGER

Multiple widths

The 14", 16" and 18" multiple working width makes it possible to adapt to the tractor power, the field and the ground contours as well as the ploughing profile desired. Changing from one width to another is very easily performed by rotating the beam supports on the frame. The locating bolts have full depth spacers to avoid any risk of deformation of the beam and to ensure a fool-proof robustness.
The multiple widths allows you to quickly adjust to working conditions to maximise the work rate.
In addition, the number of bodies (7 to 12 bodies) reinforces the productivity of your CHALLENGER plough.

On-land ploughing

The CHALLENGER semi-mounted ploughs can used on land. The on-land version offers many advantages:
  • Better soil bearing capacity to limit soil compaction
  • Less tyre wear on stony land
  • Avoid the formation of a plough pan in the furrow bottom
  • Use very large tyres, twin wheels or tracks
The CHALLENGER in on-land version can be used in furrow when conditions become too difficult.
The front depth wheel is essential when ploughing on-land.
The CHALLENGER semi-mounted plough in on land version

A beneficial investment for your farm

U-turn of the CHALLENGER at the headland

High work rates

The range of CHALLENGER semi-mounted ploughs is available from 7 to 12 bodies.  Its large number of bodies makes it possible to obtain very high work rates. In fact, when climate windows are tight, the CHALLENGER ploughs allow you to save time by ploughing with a large number of bodies and working widths combined with a very great manoeuvrability at the headland.
The wide-angle headstock rotates 110° for performing short manoeuvres. This exceptional manoeuvrability makes it possible to perform a U-turn in an area of less than 15 metres.

A complete offer of genuine KUHN wear parts

The CHALLENGER semi-mounted ploughs feature a wide choice of wear parts to guarantee perfect ploughing whatever the conditions. The bodies are made with a wide and high stem to effectively protect the mouldboard and the share. KUHN wear parts are forged and processed to add durability. The mastery of the forge and heat treatment processes offers very good wear resistance under all conditions.
A range of ploughshares and carbide points are available on the N, HC, L, C, V, VL and Rhombus bodies. TRIPLEX technology with uneven layers increases the life of your mouldboards by 40%. Your CHALLENGER plough equipped with Triplex mouldings ensures you one of the most attractive wear costs per hectare on the market.
View of the forged and treated Olympic point


The CHALLENGER semi-mounted plough in on-land version