Trailed sprayer METRIS 2

METRIS 2 agricultural machine silhouette

Comfort and productivity go hand in hand with the METRIS 2! 

The METRIS 2 trailed sprayer represents the heart of the KUHN trailed range, perfectly suited to grain farms. With a 3,200-L or 4,100-L tank and an 18 to 38-m boom, the METRIS 2 will meet all your requirements.

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Spraying at the right time with a high-performance machine is key to maximising product efficiency. If you are faced with a narrow spraying window, you need a reliable machine to complete the task safely and efficiently. The METRIS 2 trailed sprayer is a compact, stable machine thanks to its design, the position of its tank and its four levels of suspension!

To meet all your needs, the METRIS 2 model offers a wide selection of stable and durable booms. Different configurations are available, from the aluminium boom to the multi-material hybrid option, all fitted with EQUILIBRA suspension to ensure the best possible experience!

The spraying precision of the METRIS 2 means you can protect your crops for years to come. This trailed sprayer offers simple yet top-of-the-range design, with the latest precision spraying technologies you need, such as its ground following system, PWM technology, nozzle shut-off, tractor track following, etc.
METRIS 2 trailed sprayers in action

Your benefits

A compact and robust sprayer

Photo of KUHN METRIS 2 trailed sprayer on the road

A stable and manoeuvrable sprayer

With a hitch-to-axle length of 4.40 m and a height of 3.40 m (with 36 m booms), the METRIS 2 trailed sprayer features extremely compact dimensions. The machine's short length allows for ultra-tight manoeuvres at the headlands, tracking is thus of better quality and will limit crop damage. A short hitch-to-axle length makes handling the machine easier. Entering fields and backing up in corners is also easier.
The shape of its tank is specifically designed to integrate the boom into the design, and also to limit the height once the boom is folded. The low height of the METRIS 2 trailed sprayer makes it more stable for transport. Drive on roads and enter fields in safe conditions.
This compact design makes for quick and easy road travel and storage.

Outstanding suspension

Good machine stability during work is essential to keep the boom as close as possible to the target. Thanks to its four levels of suspension, the METRIS 2 remains stable and perfectly suspended on the road and in the field:
  • Drawbar suspension: The Strathane drawbar suspension protects the tractor and its driver from any machine movements during transport and in the fields. You can perform rapid movements in complete safety.
  • Axle suspension: The suspended axle protects the machine on uneven terrain, while in the field and on the road. The ultra-reactive Strathane pads ensure rapid shock absorption with no rebound effect, instant adaptation of the pad to the load so that it never loses its effectiveness, and low displacement to keep the machine perfectly stable.
  • Suspended boom: Both during work and in transport position, the boom is suspended by a parallelogram cushioned by nitrogen balls. This means the structure lasts longer.
  • EQUILIBRA suspension: The EQUILIBRA pendulum link suspension provides the boom with a three-dimensional shock absorption system. This means that the boom can remain parallel to the chassis, irrespective of working conditions and without any driver intervention.
Strathane axle suspension on the METRIS 4 trailed sprayer

Well-positioned tanks

The injection-moulded polyester main tank of the METRIS 2 sprayer was designed to obtain the lowest possible centre of gravity. The largest part of the tank is adjacent to the frame, providing maximum machine stability. The deep sump allows for tank draining in optimum conditions, regardless of field slope. Located near the sump, the four-dimensional mixing system ensures a homogeneous spray mixture, without the formation of foam, throughout the spraying process. Ideally positioned to prevent any deposits from forming, the machine is easily cleaned using three rotary cleaners. Whether activated from the operating panel or from the cab, tank rinsing is simple and effective.

The central position of the 450-litre rinsing tank on the axle allows METRIS 2 sprayers to maintain good balance in any conditions, while reducing any dead volumes. The machine's centre of gravity remains along the axis, regardless of the tank level.

In addition to the optimum position of its rear-mounted rinsing tank, the METRIS 2 sprayer offers unprecedented ease of use, with the option of filling the tank and monitoring the level using a gauge on the operating panel.
Rinsing tank positioned at the centre of the machine

Stable and durable booms

EQUILIBRA suspension frame

EQUILIBRA suspension: keep the boom parallel to the chassis!

The EQUILIBRA suspension system allows the boom to remain perfectly parallel to the ground when driving over rough terrain. EQUILIBRA suspension gives your boom natural stability thanks to its pendulum links (for rotation and sideways shifts) and shock absorption system. The boom runs smoothly over the ground and the crops and no longer shifts and drifts!
The EQUILIBRA suspension is designed for work in intensive conditions and includes as standard an independent left/right anti-whiplash system to protect the boom, especially when turning, accelerating and braking.Finally, a hydraulic tilt correction system and springs keep the boom parallel to the chassis when operating on bends.
EQUILIBRA suspension in a nutshell:
  • Pendulum suspension for rotational movements
  • Link rods for radial movements
  • Shock absorbers to dampen any bounce
  • Independent left/right anti-whiplash system
  • Hydraulic tilt correction and springs
  • Frame locking system for transport

RHPA boom

The RHPA boom features a simple structure and is available in widths ranging from 18 to 24 metres. Aluminium booms are a durable, lightweight solution naturally corrosion-resistant. Equipped with EQUILIBRA suspension, the RHPA boom offers many advantages:
  • Stainless steel piping built into the structure
  • Bowl filters on each section
  • 3-dimensional safety
  • Compact folding
RHPA boom

TR4 boom

The TR4 boom has a tubular structure and the profile forms an integral part of the boom for greater robustness and full jet protection. Available in widths from 24 to 30 m, the TR4 2-arm boom is fitted with EQUILIBRA suspension. Aluminium booms are a durable, lightweight solution naturally corrosion-resistant. Suitable for mixed crop, livestock and cereal farms, the TR4 offers a number of advantages:
  • A more robust triangular structure
  • Stainless steel piping built into the structure
  • 3-dimensional safety
  • Protection of jets across the entire boom width
TR4 boom

LEH3 boom

The multi-material LEH3 boom features a steel arm and two aluminium arms. The combination of these materials is what gives the boom its lightness, while maintaining the natural stability of the EQUILIBRA frame. KUHN employs a proven painting process that ensures steel booms possess excellent anti-corrosive qualities. Available in widths from 27 to 36 metres, this hybrid boom offers the well-known strong points of the range:
  • Jet protection across the entire boom width
  • 3-dimensional safety
  • Bowl filters on each section
  • Quadrijet nozzle holders
LEH3 boom

RHA3 boom

Available in widths from 27 to 38 metres, the RHA3 is specially designed for intensive use. The boom is equipped with the EQUILIBRA suspension system and designed to last. With its robust design, the RHA3 aluminium boom provides a durable, lightweight solution naturally corrosion-resistant. It also offers a number of advantages:
  • Protection of the jets over the entire boom width
  • 3-dimensional safety
  • Bowl filters on each section
  • Quadrijet nozzle holders
RHA3 boom

High level of precision spraying



During spraying operations, droplet size management is a key component in accurately applying products. Achieving higher outputs means driving faster, which is not always consistent with maintaining good spray quality. Weather conditions can change during work, so to maintain excellent spraying quality, KUHN has introduced the AUTOSPRAY. Continuous high-pressure circulation enables each nozzle to be shut off precisely and efficiently, improving your productivity and precision!
Pulse Width Modulation, or PWM, technology is used to control droplet size. Nozzle opening time is varied by micro-pulsation to maintain a constant pressure, regardless of the dose to be sprayed. By keeping the droplet size constant whatever the speed, the AUTOSPRAY system offers users a wider range of speed. Productivity is enhanced, without influencing the quality of the spraying operation.
Spraying is a breeze with the ISOBUS terminal. A simple click activates or deactivates droplet size for optimal spray quality. By controlling the dose and the droplet size, all components are combined to achieve precision spraying.

CCE, continuous circulation - electric

Are your fields all different shapes and sizes? The CCE system is there to make adjustments.
To limit overlapping at the headlands, it’s important to understand that the more sections you have on the machine, the more you can reduce overlapping. So KUHN naturally offers systems with individual, GPS-controlled nozzle shut-off, to fully optimise coverage. Nozzles are thus controlled with surgical precision to limit overlapping as much as possible.
The CCE incorporates the well-known strong points of continuous high-pressure circulation:
  • Instant priming of the boom with the spraying mix
  • Instant opening and closing of the spraying system to make the most of section control
  • All boom volumes can be diluted for optimum rinsing
CCE, continuous circulation - electric


With KUHN's MULTISPRAY DUO precision system, you can automatically change the nozzle according to your ground speed to ensure optimal spray quality.
The MULTISPRAY DUO system continuously calculates which nozzle or combination of two nozzles is best suited to the conditions, depending on the desired dose and speed. For optimal precision, the nozzles can be activated individually or in pairs, providing up to 3 nozzle combinations. This ensures quality spraying and controlled droplet size.
The MULTISPRAY DUO system includes the well-known strong points of continuous high-pressure circulation and incorporates as standard the spraying nozzle shut-off feature.


BOOM ASSIST keeps the boom in the correct position regardless of the type of terrain, automatically adjusting the height, tilt (SLANT PRO) and independent variable geometries (TOTAL PRO) or both (EXTREME). Keeping a boom at the ideal height optimises spray distribution and particularly reduces losses due to wind drift and evaporation.
Using ultrasonic sensors, the BOOM ASSIST system keeps the boom at the correct height above the target regardless of conditions: day and night, dry weather or fog, on heavy vegetation or bare ground. The patented HYBRID mode allows the system to permanently analyse crop height to adapt the boom movements.


The METRIS 2 sprayer's TRACK ASSIST steering axle ensures perfect tracking between the wheels of the sprayer and those of the tractor at the headland or when following curves in the field. This limits crop damage. Moreover, it reacts precisely in response to the speed information received.
To facilitate coupling, the system features a magnetic gyroscopic sensor that can be positioned quickly and easily on the back of the tractor.
TRACK ASSIST track following


Numerous optional equipment is available that can provide operational comfort which can be adapted to meet all requirements.

METRIS 2 trailed sprayers in action


General characteristics
Boom width (m)
Boom suspension
Number of arms
Boom material
Tank capacity (L)
Tank material
Real tank capacity (L)
Rinsing tank capacity (L)
Type of pump
Pump output (L/min)
Maximum pressure (bar)
Adjustable track (m)
Axle-ring length (m)
Overall width (m)
Transport height (m)
Empty weight (kg)
27 / 28 / 30 / 32 / 33 / 36 27 / 28 / 30 / 32 / 33 / 36 / 38 18 / 20 / 21 / 24
3 3 2
Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium
3,200 - 4,100 3,200 / 4,100 3,200 / 4,100
Injected polyester Injected polyester Injected polyester
3,430 - 4,380 3,430 / 4,380 3,430 / 4,380
450 450 450
Piston-diaphragm PM265 / 500 or centrifugal PC700 Piston-diaphragm PM265 / 500 or centrifugal PC700 Piston-diaphragm PM265 / 500 or centrifugal PC700
265 - 500 or 700 265 / 500 or 700 265 / 500 or 700
7 bars with PM - 5 bars with PC 7 bars with PM - 5 bars with PC 7 bars with PM - 5 bars with PC
Quadruple : filling / suction / pressure / spraying Quadruple : filling / suction / pressure / spraying Quadruple : filling / suction / pressure / spraying
From 1.60 to 2.25 depending the wheel size (1.80 in standard) From 1.60 to 2.25 depending the wheel size (1.80 in standard) From 1.60 to 2.25 depending the wheel size (1.80 in standard)
4.40 4.40 4.40
2.55 2.55 2.55
3.40 (28 m) 3.40 (36 m) 3.20 (24 m)
3,550 (28 m) 4,050 (36 m) 2,800 (24 m)


METRIS 2 RHA3 36m during transport