ACTIS three-point mounted sprayers

Details of ACTIS

ACTIS, three-point mounted sprayer: simple, compact and efficient

Designed for the maintenance of green spaces, the ACTIS range takes care of your surfaces and adapts perfectly to all your requirements. A wide range of equipment, ease of use and reliability make ACTIS an undisputed market leader.

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ACTIS P200, P300 and P400 three-point mounted sprayers are simple, compact and efficient. They are designed for spraying and watering operations for green space professionals (local authorities, landscapers, etc.).
ACTIS at work

Your benefits

ACTIS is designed around a robust structure

ACTIS chassis

Welded chassis

The cold-formed, welded steel chassis is particularly robust and will allow the user to adapt a wide range of equipment on one machine (boom up to 12 m, rinsing tank, dosing system, up to 3 reels, etc.). Close to the tractor, the overhang is limited.

Polyethylene tank

The ACTIS tank is made of polyethylene, which is a dimensionally stable, smooth material, resistant to UVs and all types of products. Furthermore, it is designed with two slopes providing for a deep sump and draining in optimum conditions, for easier management of tank residues.
ACTIS tank

Piston-diaphragm pumps

The PM75 is a more flexible and constant 68 L/min - 15 bar pump offering a higher flowrate and steady pressure.
ACTIS pump

Simple design and easy to use

Bypass on ACTIS

Constant pressure control

ACTIS provides constant pressure control as standard. The pressure is adjusted using a bypass. This bypass is ideally positioned within easy reach of the operator and can be quickly and accurately adjusted using a glycerine pressure gauge.


ACTIS is equipped with a valve panel which allows to control all the start-up operations (external suction, spraying and rinsing), for simple and fast use of the device.
ACTIS valve

Hand-wash tank

ACTIS is equipped with a built-in 15-litre hand-wash tank for operator safety.
ACTIS hand-wash tank

3 or 4 outlet valve

A swivel-mounted centralised valve panel groups the controls together to facilitate user operations
ACTIS distribution system

Designed for quality spraying

Filtration system on ACTIS

Double filtration

ACTIS is equipped with a double filtration system: on filling and suction circuits. A sieve allows to filter out impurities during the filling phase and a filter is installed before the pump on the suction side. This filter is easily accessible and removable and allows to secure the pump.

Different control systems

ACTIS can be equipped with a choice of three types of control systems: constant pressure (standard), DPME and DPAE. The DPME control system adjusts the flowrate according to the engine speed. The DPAE control system adjusts the flowrate according to the driving speed and the pressure.
Control box on ACTIS

ACTIS at work