A variety of jobs at KUHN

Vista 3D de un henificador KUHN

Research and development activities

Design our new products, continuously improve existing products.

  • Engineering
    On each production site, a team of engineers and technicians carry out research on new concepts, studies on new products and improve existing products.
  • Calculation/Simulation
    Optimize machine structures taking into account mechanical constraints; simulate kinematic and dynamic behaviours of machines.
  • Design
    Integrates styling design from the beginning of the machine’s development.
  • Electronics
    Develop devices and interfaces to control machines, facilitate adjustments and automate certain functions.
  • Prototypes
    Prototypes are manufactured, tested and adapted by the Prototype department in numerous regions throughout the world.
  • Technical documentation
    Creating documentation that accompanies our products: assembly instructions, operator’s manuals and parts catalogues.
  • Technical legislation
    Informs and gives advice to the R&D during design so that machines conform with standards and regulations of countries where they are sold.
  • Industrial property
    Ensures protection of innovations through patents, brands and monitors competition technologies.

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Resumen de los diferentes trabajos de fabricación en el grupo KUHN

Manufacturing activities

Produce to schedules, quality and safety instructions.

Les métiers de la production chez KUHN :

  • Planning / Scheduling
  • Purchasing / Sourcing
  • Warehouse / Spare Parts
  • Shipping
  • Maintenance
  • Methods / Tooling

The various production departments at KUHN:

  • Foundry
  • Forge
  • Cutting
  • Machining
  • Welding
  • Heat treatment
  • Assembly
  • Painting

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Una persona le da apoyo informático a un empleado

    Support Activities

    To support other areas of the company, to value their expertise across the company and identify areas of improvement.

    • Health / Security
      Ensure a safe and healthy working environment for everyone.
    • Quality
      Strive to continually improve the quality of products and services.
    • Environment
      Protect the environment by respecting regulation.
    • Building / Maintenance
      Upkeep of buildings and management of building projects.
    • IT
      Deploy, optimize and develop the latest computer systems while ensuring data security.
    • Legal
      Keep up-to-date with laws and regulations, prevent legal conflicts and solve them with they occur.
    • Accounting, Finance, Customs, Management control
      Record, analyze and optimize company financial functions.
    • Human Resources
      Recruit, manage, train and motivate employees.

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    Sales & Marketing activities

    Develop and implement the sales strategy to meet customer needs.

    • Marketing
      Ensure sales promotion worldwide.
    • Sales
      Ensure contact with customers, sales and administrative follow-up.
    • Product support
      Provide technical assistance, perform demonstrations and advise dealers.

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