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Spreading precision on a large scale!

Check out AXENT trailed fertiliser spreaders with a capacity of 9,400 l, capable of spreading many different products.

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The AXENT 100.1 trailed model completes the KUHN range of fertiliser spreaders. With its 9,400 l hopper, it has exceptionally high maximum payloads, ideal for cash crop farms and contractors with different types of product to spread (granular fertiliser, lime, moist bulk, organic fertilisers...). It integrates advanced technologies (EMC, VARISPREAD PRO...), that guarantee your crops get the right application rate every second, and costs are kept down.
AXENT at work in the field

Your benefits

Advanced technology at your service

EMC: the "weighing" device on each disc, KUHN pioneer for over 20 years!

The only trailed machine  with continuous EMC "weighing" on each disc."

EMC (Electronic Mass Control) adjusts the application rate, left and right, every second independently, like a "weighing" device on each disc. This unique system by KUHN allows every plant to receive the right dose of fertiliser every second. It's simple, fertiliser flow is measured on each disc: in the event of clogging or blockage, the flow rate of the outlet concerned is corrected immediately and automatically!
For over 20 years, you have been spreading the right application rate in the right place because you get the right fertiliser flow at each outlet.
Sensors read the drive torque at each disc every second. Depending on the reading, the flow rate is adjusted automatically and separately on the left and right-hand discs.
With EMC, you adjust left and right flow rates individually without feeling the effects of slopes and vibrations. You are also more fuel efficient due to the lower motor speed. There is no need to do a flow test, just enter the application rate and start spreading. Flow rate possibilities are large: between 20 and 500 kg/min, so left/right application rate adjustment by GPS is possible with extreme precision.

VARISPREAD PRO: Continuous Section Control with high speed SpeedServo motors

SpeedServo is a new control system composed of two electric motors that are 2.5 to 5 times faster than a traditional cylinder. It changes drop points and adapts the spread fan to the shape of the plot. You get better overlap management and the right application rate in the right place, even at high speed.
VARISPREAD PRO: Continuous Section Control at very high speed, 1 section per metre with SpeedServo

OPTIPOINT: the ideal point to open and close the outlets at the headlands

At headlands, most farmers start and stop spreading at the same moment even though different fertilisers have different ballistic properties. OPTIPOINT automatically determines the ideal point of opening and closing the metering outlets according to the type of fertiliser as well as groundspeed. This results in higher precision when using GPS control.
OPTIPOINT opening and closing outlets with GPS optimisation at headlands

Versatile distribution for fertiliser & lime

AXIS PowerPack spreading module for spreading granular fertilisers with high precision

Spread granular fertiliser with the AXIS PowerPack spreading module

An effective fast-fit system makes it possible to switch from one configuration to the other in only ten minutes, and it can be handled by only one person. The AXIS PowerPack is a hydraulically driven module for spreading granular fertiliser with high-precision . Based on the well-proven AXIS H-EMC model design, the fertiliser system spreads granulated fertiliser and seeds with ultimate precision from 18 to 50m. The spreading discs are equipped with the CDA system which ensures optimum lateral distribution. The modification of fertiliser drop point enables quick adaptation to different products and working widths. The special design of the metering outlets produces multiple supply to the vanes which provides constant fertiliser flow and uniform spreading. With the CDA system, distribution patterns are regular and precise. Application rate variations and changes in ground speed have no effect on fertiliser distribution. The extra-slow agitator regulates supply rate to the spreading disc and improves fertiliser flow. It rotates 360° at a speed of only 17rpm so is gentle with granules and a flow rate of 500 kg/min is possible.
With this spreading table you get EMC regulation, VARISPREAD PRO Section Control and point management by GPS OPTIPOINT.

LIME PowerPack spreading module for soil enriching products

With its 700 mm diameter large discs equipped with five blades, this spreading table is designed to spread heavy and wet products: powder, lime, moist bulk, pellets… at high application rates of several tons per hectare over a maximum width of 15 m or even 18 m depending on the product. The conveyor belt is used exclusively to meter the material according to groundspeed (DPAE) and the selected rate. A hydraulically driven agitator (as standard) improves flow to the spreading discs (also hydraulically driven). It breaks down the flow and improves supply to the spreading discs. The spreading modules' fast-fit system by automatic linkage arm makes it possible to switch from one module to the other in only 10 minutes. You can use the same machine to spread different products.
LIME PowerPack spreading module for spreading soil-enriching agents with high precision

Precise, uniform supply

The 800 mm wide and 8 mm thick conveyor belt is in a pre-chamber above the spreading discs. It provides automatic, precise and regular supply to the spreading tables and optimum application rates with its automatic centring system. Fertiliser supply is automatic and no driver intervention is required. As soon as the fertiliser level gets low in the AXIS PowerPack's hopper, the feeding belt will automatically start up again.
AXENT 100.1 conveyor belt for precise, regular and automatic supply.

Premium features as standard for absolute comfort

AXENT 100.1 fertiliser spreader's hydraulic system

Can be used with tractors from 180 hp

The AXENT spreader has its own on-board hydraulic system as standard so no oil flow is needed from the tractor, except for the hopper cover and parking stand. This system is PTO powered at 750 rpm which reduces the tractor's fuel consumption and makes it possible to use any tractor. The hydraulic unit manages the spreading discs, conveyor belt, metering slides, the agitator on LIME PowerPack models, and the steering axle.

Hydraulic comfort features as standard

We have paid special attention to driver comfort. The following hydraulic features have been integrated as standard: linkage drawbar with hydro-pneumatic suspension to provide extra comfort on roads and in the field, hydraulic hopper cover to speed up loading, and integrated parking stand that can be controlled from the cab to make machine coupling / uncoupling faster and simpler.
AXENT 100.1 fertiliser spreader's

An integrated camera at the rear makes reversing easier

The backup camera, which is integrated into the rear cover, allows for safer manoeuvring into barns and sheds.
Integrated backup camera makes reversing easier with the AXENT 100.1 fertiliser spreader


Effective options to adapt your machine to your conditions.

AXENT 100.1 fertiliser spreader at work.


Technical characteristics
Maximum capacity (l)
Weight empty without spreading module (kg)
Filling height (cm)
Transport height (m)
Overall width (m)
Total length with spreading module (m)
Tracks (m)
Control box
Separate left/right modulation per GPS
DPAE (electronic ground speed related application rate control)
Section control (manual or per GPS)
Spreading table
Border spreading
Weighing system
Fertiliser low level sensor
Rear camera
Hopper cover
Hopper base
Minimum power requirement (kW/hp)
Hydraulic unit
Necessary hydraulic equipment
Road lights and signalling on rear
2.55 with 2.00 m track
2.00 / 2.10 / 2.15 / 2.25 / 2.40 (on request)
As standard
ISOBUS CCI terminal or tractor ISOBUS terminal
As standard with CCI 1200 and 800
As standard
As standard
On AXIS PowerPack: VARISPREAD PRO (by modifying disc speed, drop point and reducing the application rate) On Universal PowerPack: simultaneous opening/closing of the 2 outlets
Universal PowerPack: for lime fertiliser
AXIS PowerPack: for fertiliser granules
On AXIS PowerPack: to left and/or right by reducing the drive speed and modifying the drop point
As standard - via 4 weighing cells for information on the quantity remaining in the hopper
As standard
As standard
As standard - with hydraulic control
Rubber - thickness 8mm, width 800 mm
Low drawbar with diameter 40mm ring
135 / 180
As standard - for drive of belt + metering outlets + spreading discs
1 DA for the hydraulic parking stand and 1 DA for the hopper cover
Rear LED lighting + signalling panel