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All-terrian PROFILE range!

The PROFILE CROSSMIX 2 CS mixers have 2 vertical augers, recessed wheels, a narrow hopper and feed out via a cross-conveyor. Available in 14 to 20 m3 capacities, these machines are suited to herds of between 70 and 150 cattle.

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The PROFILE CROSSMIX 2 CS range is designed with the wheels outside the tub for farms with buildings that are far apart across uneven or difficult terrain. The large diameter tyres integrated into the chassis ensure excellent driving in difficult conditions. PROFILE CROSSMIX 2 CS mixer wagons are designed to go anywhere.

Another key feature of the PROFILE CROSSMIX 2 CS range is undoubtedly the distribution quality (speed and regularity), with its large cross-conveyor positioned at the front of the machine.
PROFILE CROSSMIX 2 CS mixer at work

Your benefits

Exceptional mixing quality at a reduced cost

PROFILE CROSSMIX 2 CS mixer: the ultimate all-terrain machine

The ultimate all-terrain machine: built-in frame and recessed wheels

The position of the wheels under the body keeps the overall width down to just 2.40 m for the 14 m3 version! The built-in frame and tub concept guarantees the structure will last a long time, while:
  • significantly reducing the overall height: the machine can follow the tractor into the lowest buildings,
  • maintaining good ground clearance (390 mm with 385/55 R22.5 tyres). Buildings with uneven floors are no longer a problem!

Power requirement: quality mixer wagons at an unbeatable price!

7 hp per tonne of mixture: save money on fuel!

The lower power requirement of the PROFILE range is the result of several technological designs:
  • Auger design: the continuous helix of the mixing auger gravitates the fodder from the bottom of the tub to the top without any forced movements. The mixing process is performed easily and smoothly for greater fuel efficiency.
  • Auger diameter: the smaller the auger diameter, the shorter the scraper arm, resulting in reduced power requirement.
  • Auger rotation direction: in twin-auger vertical mixer wagons, the augers rotate the mixture in a figure-of-eight pattern. This ensures regular fodder circulation and prevents material from blocking up against the sides of the tub for improved energy efficiency.

The optional two-speed gearbox further reduces the power requirement. This option is recommended for farmers who travel long distances with a loaded mixer wagon. Reducing the auger speed will allow for smooth start-up before the ration distribution phase.
KUHN PROFILE mixer submitted to German DLG test No. 6086F

Exclusive KUHN mixing auger!

The double-pitch angle of the auger enables quick breakdown of feed, no matter how full the machine already is.

To reduce power consumption, the PROFILE range is equipped with asymmetric knives which have a “self-cleaning” effect and also have a progressive-cutting knife edge for constant torque transfer. The continuous auger helix naturally moves the fodder from the bottom to the top of the tub for even mixing with no forced movements, reducing fuel consumption during the mixing process.

The auger material and design has been selected to provide maximum resistance to wear.
Exclusive KUHN mixing auger for KUHN PROFILE mixer wagons

Tried and tested transmission and drive systems!

The machine transmission is made up of a two-stage bearing therefore even during breakdown of a whole bale, stress is absorbed.
The combination of the pre-stressed subframe and the solid auger base provides maximum resistance to the load bearing in the bottom of the machine.
The unit is fitted on a collar which reaches up to approximately half the auger height, thus protecting the transmission from lateral forces exerted on the auger.
Tried and tested transmission: representing KUHN's extensive experience and technological expertise.

Weighing system: choose your level of data

Fitted with KDW 341 programmable weighing technology and a second display unit, KUHN PROFILE mixer wagons help you to manage your feeding operations efficiently.

Programmable weighing unit: simple, functional and intuitive

You will appreciate the KDW 341 weighing system for its range of possibilities. The ration composed for each animal can be memorised. Simply input the number of animals present, and the system automatically adjusts the quantities to be loaded.

You can also program mixing times so the unit will beep when the mixing process is complete. The large digital display (43 mm characters) and backlit screen provides excellent visibility from all angles.

Optional wireless display unit: weighing information at your fingertips. For greater comfort, a KDR 300 wireless display unit can be placed in the loader to display the information from the primary KDW 341 unit, at up to a 90 m range. You control the ration from the loader cab with maximum visibility!

The wireless display can be replaced by a smartphone to ensure greater mobility. Keep all the information from the primary unit right in your pocket. Receive the information from the primary unit via Wi-Fi and keep control within a 90 m range.

Feed Tracking BRONZE: a step towards traceability

With KUHN Feed Tracking BRONZE, it’s easy to ensure feed traceability. The data is transferred via a memory cartridge. The system provides one-way data transfer from the KDW 341 unit on your PROFILE mixer wagon to your farm office computer.

You can save and track all the quantities loaded of the different types of fodder, the quantities distributed, and the dates and times when the operations were performed.

KUHN Feed Tracking BRONZE can be installed on the farm office computer in minutes. The files are extracted in .txt format and can be converted to an Excel format. Mixing times can also be programmed on the unit. A beeping sound will inform you when the mixing is complete.
KUHN Feed Tracking BRONZE data management software: simplified data transfer for your KUHN PROFILE mixer

Feed Tracking SILVER: two-way data transfer

The KUHN Feed Tracking SILVER data transfer system requires the KDW 361 weighing unit on your PROFILE mixer wagon. The transfer is done via a USB drive and is possible in both directions: from the KDW 361 weighing unit to the office computer and vice versa. You can define the rations on your computer using the software programme and then transfer the loading programs to your PROFILE mixer wagon.

You can also program the weighing unit from your computer. With the SILVER version, you can print reports required for driver records to keep track of the work completed.
With the KUHN Feed Tracking SILVER data management programme, your KUHN mixer allows for two-way data transfer

Feed Tracking GOLD: stock management assistance

KUHN Feed Tracking GOLD has all the same features as the SILVER version (transfer via USB), along with stock management assistance for your different types of fodder and concentrates.

Just define the minimum stock threshold for your different products, and you are automatically informed once the threshold is reached. If you input your suppliers, they will also be informed of your low stock levels.

KUHN Feed Tracking GOLD also requires the KDW 361 unit.
KUHN Feed Tracking GOLD software, helping you manage your feed stocks

Feed Tracking OPUS: maximum automation of your operation

KUHN Feed Tracking OPUS has all the features of the GOLD version and also provides herd activity reports including dairy production and ADG.

You’ll be able to monitor your herd performance at a glance with the easy to read graphs.

KUHN Feed Tracking OPUS also prepares fodder and concentrate feed orders for your usual suppliers based on your consumption. All you have to do is approve the purchase orders.
KUHN Feed Tracking OPUS software, for maximum automation of your feed management operation

Cross-conveyor: maximum visibility

Extra wide door on KUHN PROFILE CROSSMIX mixers for fibrous rations!

Extra wide door for fibrous rations!

The PROFILE CROSSMIX 2 CS mixers come with a wide cross-conveyor as standard to deliver the feed-out on the right and on the left of the machine, and also features an extra wide door. The 1200 mm wide opening can deliver fibrous rations from the tub without requiring excessive chopping. The mixing augers feature a second double-bent scraper to guide the fodder towards the door without being recirculated back around the tub.

Cross-conveyor: maximum visibility

The cross-conveyor can be positioned at the front or rear of the PROFILE range.

As standard, feed can be distributed on the left or right-hand side. The conveyor is driven by a hydraulic motor at each end guaranteeing perfect operation regardless of the rotation direction.

The PVC belt ensures that fodder doesn’t travel back underneath the belt. The feed passage always remains clean after distribution.

As an option, the cross-conveyor can be hydraulically offset by 250 mm to the left or the right of the machine: ideal for keeping fibrous rations away from the tyres of the mixer and getting the fodder closer to the feed barrier!
Cross-conveyor on the KUHN PROFILE mixer: left/right distribution as standard


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Technical Characteristics
Capacity (m3)
Mixing system
Minimum PTO power requirement kW (hp)
PTO speed (min-1)
Output mini/maxi (l/min) at 180 bar (pressure required)
Minimum tractor hydraulic requirement with direct control
Minimum tractor hydraulic requirement with electric control (optional)
Weight, dimensions and discharge height
2 vertical augers2 vertical augers
66 (90)70 (95)
20 - 5020 - 50
1 DA for door, 1 DA for cross conveyor and 1 DA per additional function1 DA for door, 1 DA for cross conveyor and 1 DA per additional function
1 SA with free return1 SA with free return
See table "Technical Specifications"See table "Technical Specifications"