GF 1002 tedders

GF 1002 machine silhouette

Discover how compact 4 to 8-rotor tedders can be

Available in five working widths (5.20 m to 7.80 m) these machines are ideal for meduim scale operations - reliable and compact tedders for total safety on the road.

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GF 1002 tedders are simple and economical. They have 4 to 8 rotors, working widths from 5.20 m to 7.80 m and a hydraulic folding system. They are perfect for farmers with a limited surface area to ted. These machines were specially designed to be compact for optimum safety on the road.
With the DIGIDRIVE system invented by KUHN and rotor housings lubed for life, time spent on maintenance is reduced.
Depending on the tedder, benefit from:
  • Large rotors for tedding long and dense forage.
  • Small rotors for short forage with optimum crop movement and 33% shorter drying time.
GF 1002 machine at work

Your benefits

Compact 4 and 8-rotor tedders

GF 5902 in transport mode

Comfort and safety  with GF 5202, GF 5902 and GF 6502 models

These tedders are folded up into transport mode hydraulically to a width of less than 3.00 m (2.55 for the GF 5902).
With standard equipment including signalling and lighting panels, these tedders are ready for safe transport.
The machine is barely wider than the tractor and driving comfort is high, especially when access to the narrowest fields.The transport height remains reasonably low at less than 3.02m.

Rock solid stability of GF 7802 and GF 7902

Although wide when working, GF 7802 and GF 7902 models fold their 6 and 8 rotors to a size compact enough to facilitate road travel and access to narrow fields (less than 3 m in width and 3.36 m and 2.95 m in height respectively).
The exclusive and patented stabilising system that equips these tedders is the combination of powerful springs and hydraulic suspension. Unrivalled suspension and driving comfort are particularly appreciated when travelling at higher speeds. The rotors remain stable and well aligned behind the tractor even when braking suddenly during turns:
  • Hydraulic suspension stabilises these machines when turning in work mode. The tedder is automatically and gently recentered when lifted thanks to the two large dampeners.
  • Integrated springs provide machine flexibility while maintaining an optimum tedding position.
  • Integrated silent-blocks absorb shocks on bumpy roads and the suspension system controls the movements of the machine.
  • GF 7902: in addition, the central machine components are made cast iron!
GF 7802 in transport mode

Reduced maintenance

The DIGIDRIVE system

DIGIDRIVE: revolutionise tedding

When a KUHN engineer invented this drive concept, tedding entered a new era.
From that moment on, it became possible to drive a very large number of rotors and fold them to an incredibly compact size, and all this without any maintenance. A real revolution!
Since the launch of the DIGIDRIVE finger drive system twenty years ago, more than a million rotors have been working all around the world, tedding forage with exceptional reliability. The DIGIDRIVE system is made of case-hardened steel and requires no maintenance.

Rotor housings made to last

Guidance is by large-diameter, double-row angular ball bearings (1). Thoroughly sealed to prevent lubricant leakage and impurities getting in (2). Robust mounting on the rectangular frame with spacers and long through-bolts (3). With these rotor housings, greasing points are limited to a relatively few pivot points, allowing you to spend more time in the field and less doing maintenance!
Rotor housings made to last

100 % tedded forage in the field, simple

For neat and tidy tedding along fences and neighbouring fields, machines are equipped with an oblique mechanical control system (hydraulic as an option). Oblique mode also particularly useful on slopes to control flow trajectory and create optimum spread.
GF 5202 in oblique mode

Crop deflectors for clean wheels

Operating in young sugar-rich crops or long late-season crops can be a challenge. Forage can get wrapped around the wheel columns resulting in downtime spent cleaning it off. Benefit from crop deflectors, for models from GF 5902, that prevent forage getting wrapped around the wheel columns.
Crop deflectors on GF wheels

Top quality forage

GF 7802 at work in long and dense forage

GF 5202 and GF 7802: for tedding long and dense forage

Equipped with five or six rotors and seven tine arms, GF 5202 and GF 7802 tedders are the ideal tools for spreading large swaths.
The large diameter rotors are specially designed to handle long and dense forage.
These machines also provide and excellent working width/cost ratio.

GF 5902, GF 6502 and GF 7902: top quality tedding

Experts are convinced and those who use them swear by them. For farmers whose goal is to harvest a first class crop there are so many advantages to having small rotors:
  •  Working with a wide angle of attack while turning the crop
  • Fast and uniform drying.
  • Fully effective crop inversion.
  • Uniform distribution.
  • Exceptional ground adaption.
  • Mounted tedders with less overhang to reduce lift requirements.
  • Reduced power requirement.
GF 6502 at work: fully effective turning for faster drying with small rotors

Integral pick-up with asymmetrical tines

Asymmetrical tine length with longer outer fingers produces high quality tedding. The outer finger moves into the forage earlier compared to a symmetrical design. This ensures a more complete tedding operation, even on field borders and between rotors (C) (E), due to better tine overlap in this tricky area. Moving into the forage earlier means that the actual working width of each rotor (therefore the machine) is larger.
Tines move into the forage earlier with asymmetrical tines

GF7902 in transport mode


Technical characteristics
Working width DIN (m)
Overall width in working position (m)
Number of rotors
Number of tine arms per rotor
Type of rotor
Transport width (m)
Transport height (m)
Oblique wheel position setting
Raising the rotors on headlands - HLC function
Wheel deflectors
Tine guards
Pitch angle adjustment - without tool
Rotor drive
Free wheel integrated in the central gearbox
Tyres on central rotors
Tyres on outside rotors
Setting into transport position
Headstock stabilisers
Required tractor hydraulic connections
Theoretical tractor power requirement (kW/hp)
Road lights and signalling
Approx. weight (kg)
GF 5202 GF 5902 GF 6502 GF 7802 GF 7902
5.20 5.90 6.50
5.85 6.19 6.96
4 6 6
7 5 6
Conventional Conventional Conventional
2.99 2.53 2.99
2.80 3.02 3.29
As standard - by centralised manual positioning As standard - by centralised manual positioning As standard - by centralised manual positioning
- - -
As optional equipment As standard As standard
As standard As standard As standard
3 positions 2 positions 2 positions
By exclusive DIGIDRIVE multiple finger couplings By exclusive DIGIDRIVE multiple finger couplings By exclusive DIGIDRIVE multiple finger couplings
- - As standard
16 x 6.50 - 8 16 x 6.50 - 8 16 x 6.50 - 8
16 x 6.50 - 8 16 x 6.50 - 8 16 x 6.50 - 8
Hydraulic vertical folding Hydraulic vertical folding Hydraulic vertical folding
3-point Cat. 2 3-point Cat. 2 3-point Cat. 2
Pivoting Pivoting Pivoting
Mechanical stabiliser with brake Mechanical stabiliser with brake Mechanical stabiliser with brake
1 DA 1 DA 1 SA
17 / 23 20 / 27 22 / 30
As standard As standard As standard
660 810 920