MERGE MAXX 760-950-1090 mergers

Belt merger MERGE MAXX 950 silhouette

Another raking concept!

These belt mergers are ideal for contractors and machinery cooperatives but also for individual farms. The 2 independent pick-ups offer side or central delivery with several combination possibilities. Rake up to 30 m forage and gain up to 3 kph.

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The MERGE MAXX 950 and 1090 belt mergers are ideal machines for contractors and machinery cooperatives working on large work areas who count on efficient and well-organized harvesting chains. The MERGE MAXX 760 meets the needs of individual farmers.
With their adaptable pickup widths of 5.50 m up to 10.95 m, these mergers can rake up to 20 or 30 m of forage. Thanks to their delivery of uniform windrows, the following harvesting machines can work at a high speed and gain up to 3 kph. THE MERGE MAXX mergers are also characterized by maximum versatility, both in the delivery options and in the ability to rake any type of forage - light or heavy, dense or sparse, short or long arable or permanent meadows, straw or whole crops, maslin, hay,...). In particular, they are recommended in delicate forages to harvest the full nutritional value of legumes.
The operating principle of belt mergers? The forage is lifted by pick-ups and then deposited gently for less loss by crumbling leaves and potentially less impurities and stones in the forage.
MERGE MAXX 950 at work

Your benefits

Regular windrows: gain 2 to 3 kph*

The driver gains in productivity with the regular windrows formed by the MERGE MAXX

Increased work output

Your harvesting material can work at faster speeds when windrows are regular. At constant speeds, drivers have less operating stress:
  • No slowing down for dense areas.
  • No accelerations for sparse areas.
They can concentrate on what is important rather than having to worry about groundspeed.
With the MERGE MAXX 950 belt merger, you also reduce the peaks in operating stress put on harvesting machines. MERGE MAXX 950 users attest to increasing working speeds by 2 to 3 km/h! You too can improve all-round productivity.
Less soil and stones in the windrow reduces wear to the intake system and operating costs.

The pick-up optimises raking…

Pick-up quality and regularity are directly related to the design of the pick-up and WINDGUARD with roller. In combination with the WINDGUARD reel, volute and lower roller, 5 tine arms, guided by cam, optimise forage uptake, lift and smooth transfer to the belt. This is essential for the machine to create regular windrows.
Rotation speed of the pick-up is variable to adapt to different harvesting situations. When necessary, rotational speed can be reduced to preserve the leaves of very delicate forage and the final product. The wide belt transfers the product to the side. It is very easy to service. It takes just a few moments and requires no tools to adjust the tension of the strip. According to needs, the belt speed can be reduced to adapt the windrow size and shape to the harvesting equipment.
The pick-up and WINDGUARD with roller

The WINDGUARD with roller system guides the forage to the belt

Forage is taken in by the pick-up and guided by the WINDGUARD system which is composed of a guidance volute and a roller that optimise forage flow onto the conveyor belt.
It automatically adjusts to the amount of forage. You obtain uniform, fluffy windrows with no twists for higher output.
The WINDGUARD with roller

Perfectly calibrated side windrow

A windrow curtain can be ordered for side delivery to improve windrow calibration, especially when using a baler for pick-up.
The driver can change windrow width at any time or fold the curtain back completely.
Side windrow calibration is ensured by the windrow curtain for pick-up by the baler

The versatility you expect!

Control boxes allow monitoring the functions of the MERGE MAXX units more easily

Eight different delivery options

The MERGE MAXX 950 belt merger has eight different delivery options.
It is capable of:
  • Adapting to harvesting methods: 1 m windrows for balers and loaders and up to 2.20 m for chopper pick-ups. Deliver central windrows with adjustable width, side windrows with different pick-up widths or combine the options.
  • Easily adapting to different plot configurations.
The main functions of the MERGE MAXX 950 and 1090 belt mergers are controlled with a simple, user-friendly terminal (Windrow delivery, rotational direction of the belts, setting to work and transport position, hour meter).

On the MERGE MAXX 760, the control box KMM01 gives the driver the possibility to easily monitor windrow delivery as well as individual or separate belt lifting.
The windrow curtain is controlled directly by a tractor valve.

Central delivery

The 2 units are distant and the belts take the forage to the centre of the machine. A central windrow is created with 8 to 10 m of forage. An ideal situation:
  • with a triple mower combination (1).
  • for picking up 2 straw windrows after a combine harvester with cuts up to 7/7.50 m (2).
Windrow width can be adapted to the size of the pick-up depending on the distance set between the pick-up units.
Pick-up of windrows made by triple mower combinations or combine harvesters and delivered in a central windrow

20 to 30 meters in a single windrow

If the belts are brought closer together and turned in the same direction, one single windrow is created, either to the left or to the right of the machine (3).
If need be, forage can be deposited onto a pre-raked area.
Different raking widths can be put together to produce widths of up to 20 to 30 m in low forage volume situations (4).
Get the best of both worlds; side and central delivery (5):
  • First pass with right delivery (a).
  • Then left side delivery (b).
  • Then finish the windrow (c).
Side delivery: 20 to 30 meters in one windrow

For heavier crops

A single swath may be too much for a harvester in terms of working at a constant speed. That's why different configurations are possible:
  • Half the forage is guided to one side and half to the other (6).
  • Half the forage is guided to a central swath and half to a side swath (7).
  • This can be useful for turning two straw swaths simultaneously!(8) !
For heavier crops, the machine configuration must be adapted

Follow the terrain to prevent impurities

4 powerful adjustable springs ensure the suspension

Efficient ground following

In order to reduce ground pressure and preserve grass stubbles, the pick-up units of the MERGE MAXX 950 belt merger come with a special suspension system with 4 powerful and adjustable springs. Each pickup unit has a working angle of +/-10° and vertical travel range of -20/+30 cm in order to adapt to uneven terrain.
Two large skids, articulated and height adjustable, contour the ground and guide each pick-up unit perfectly. Centralised skid
height adjustment by crank handle on MERGE MAXX 950 and 1090 and by pins on multiple-hole plate for the MERGE MAXX 760, provide extra comfort and safety.

Linkage with integrated dampers

The linkage system includes dampers to prevent transferring jolts to the tractor. This is a KUHN exclusive which brings additional comfort when driving on poorly kept roads.
Linkage with integrated dampers

MERGE MAXX 1090 belt merger at work in a field of alfalfa