FC 1060 TC mower conditioner silhouette

Central drawbar: Maximum output

FC 1060 TC mower conditioners come in five working widths (3.10 m to 4.40 m) and are designed for tractors from 80 hp. Manoeuvres are quicker due to the shorter central drawbar and the GYRODINE headstock. FC 3160 and 3560 TCD RA are available with a conveyor grouper unit.

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The FC 1060 TC range of mower conditioners have a central drawbar and come in working widths from 3.10 to 4.40 m. You spend less time manoeuvring on the headlands with these machines and your productivity increases by 10 to 15% compared to trailed mowers with a side drawbar! There is more flexibility and ease of work with the GYRODINE headstock, which provides the easy handling needed to produce high quality forage. A conveyor grouper unit is available on the smaller width versions (3.10 m and 3.50 m).
Choose the conditioner to suit your main crop:
  • DIGIDRY steel fingers for a higher performance in diverse conditions and especially in longer forage.
  • SQUAREFLEX polyurethane roller for delicate forage on TCR versions.
  • DOUBLE CRIMP steel roller on TLS versions.
FC 3160 TCD at work in the field

Your benefits

Central drawbar: maximum output

The trailed mower conditioner with central drawbar on the headland

GYRODINE headstock: fast, easy manoeuvring

The GYRODINE pivoting headstock is robust and enables turns in excess of 90° while keeping the PTO driveline straight. Maintenance requirements are low with only one oil-change point. The machine is coupled to the tractor with anti-rotation pins. This hitch system is extremely reliable and ensures safe manoeuvres.

Swaths adapted to harvesting machines

The machine is desThe machine is designed to handle intense forage throughputThe machine is designed to handle intense forage throughput with different delivery mode options:
  • Regular swaths with adjustable width.
  • Uniform wide delivery. Changing from regular to wide delivery is easy and tool free (A). The swath shields are stored on the drawbar for wide delivery.
  • Twin swaths are produced with fixed asymmetrical shields, available as an option on FC 3160 TCD
  • Twin swaths with an overall width of 2.70 on the FC 3160 TCD RA (compatible with 3 m pick-up) and 3.50 m on FC 3560 TCD RA (B). 

with different delivery mode options:
  • Regular swaths with adjustable width.
  • Uniform wide delivery. Changing from regular to wide delivery is easy and tool free (A). The swath shields are stored on the drawbar for wide delivery.
  • Twin swaths are produced with fixed asymmetrical shields, available as an option on FC 3160 TCD
  • Twin swaths with an overall width of 2.70 on the FC 3160 TCD RA (compatible with 3 m pick-up) and 3.50 m on FC 3560 TCD RA (B).  
Swath delivery and wide spreading delivery from FC 1060 TC

Protecting the ground, even at high speeds

The mowing unit is suspended by torsion bars. It follows ground contours closely to produce an even cut and can be adjusted separately on both sides. This helps protect the sward and the machine, and keeps impurities out of the forage. The ultra-large tyres exert very little pressure on the ground during work and headland turns. The crop is preserved and soil compaction is avoided.
Ground pressure adjustment

Swath delivery by conveyor with grouper unit on the RA version

The rear grouper unit on FC 3160 TCD RA and FC 3560 TCD RA models makes them ideal for harvesting all silage crops. They also provide maximum flexibility with different delivery options. A grouper belt gathers two swaths together as soon as they are cut so as to form:
  • A twin swath for pick-up by a silage harvester.
  • A narrower swath for pick-up by a baler or loader wagon.
Using the grouper belt means one less pass with the rake. This reduces leaf losses and impurities in the forage.
The grouper belt is positioned at the rear of and parallel to the mowing unit so cut crop can be delivered to the right and the left. In combination with a front mower it is easier for the driver to keep the front unit aligned with the uncut forage. The belt can be lifted, operated faster or slower at any time to adapt to the quantity of uncut crop or to slopes.
All functions required to control the machine and its grouper are centralised on a control box in the tractor cab. The control box comes as standard. Among its most important functions are belt-speed control and direction of delivery.
The conveyor belt is driven by an integrated hydraulic unit whose pump is powered by an output on the GYRODINE headstock. No more oil flow problems on the tractor!
Twin swath delivery with the grouper

FC 4060 / FC 4460: high output with a low power requirement

FC 4060 and 4460 machines have widths of 4.00 m and 4.40 m respectively are designed for tractors from 130 hp. Large forage operations appreciate their high productivity and low power requirement at these widths. Deliver your forage into swaths or choose wide spreading. The FC 4460 is equipped with large twin wheels that provide more stability in difficult conditions as well as on roads and access tracks. They also prevent ruts being caused when turning.
The FC 4460 at work

Saving time and money

Variable spacing on the OPTIDISC cutter bar

OPTIDISC: the optimum cut

Clean forage is the key to saving the additoinal concentrates needed to be added to your livestock's feed. Variable spacing between the discs, large overlap zones and the reduced angle of the OPTIDISC cutter bar will provide you with the necessary quality.
Spacing is reduced at the point where the discs diverge to increase knife overlap. This results in a clean cut even in light or short grasses.
Distance is increased at the point where the discs converge. This provides more space for the crop to pass through and be quickly moved through to the rear so that the mower can work undisrupted.
On hilly ground, in wet conditions or with a stickier crop, soil can build up in front of the cutter bar, but not with the OPTIDISC cutter bar! It is equipped with skids designed to improve the running smoothness. Plant cover is protected and high-quality forage ensured, even in difficult conditions.

Maximum reliability and stability

The cutter bar has been designed to cope well with obstacles. Being equipped with the PROTECTADRIVE safety system, in the event of a violent impact between a disc and an obstacle, the shaft holding the disc can shear just above the bearing thanks to a carefully dimensioned shear groove. Therefore the gear wheels are protected. In less than 15 minutes, the machine can back up and running with a low repair cost.
KUHN advantage: Disc-bearing stations are attached by long bolts that pass through the entire cutter bar. This eliminates any risk of the mounts being torn out of the cutter bar in the event of an impact. Top-of-the-range components strengthen the centre piece of the cutter bar:
- Special disc-bearing station with a double row of angular contact ball bearings.
- Large-diameter gearwheels in high-precision forged steel with 3 cogs engaged.
- Forged and heat-treated discs.
- Disc skids made from treated steel with the option of adding a bolt on protective layer.
In order to lengthen the machine's service life, shock absorbers are integrated in between the cutter bar and chassis. The structure of the machine is less affected by impacts, especially when working at fast forward speeds.
PROTECTADRIVE breakaway system

Minimum maintenance

You will waste no time on maintenance.
The OPTIDISC cutter bar is an excellent example of added value created through the close collaboration between manufacturer and farmer. It is a solution that is totally adapted to operations and will save you time:
  • Lubricated for life. No need to service the cutter bar.
  • FAST-FIT quick-release knife system, 100 % secure. A powerful leaf spring provides constant pressure on the knife retainer for extra safety. It takes just a few moments to replace the knives.
Maintenance is kept down, and is occassionally necessary for the drive system and the pivot points.

FAST-FIT quick knife replacement

Conditioning adapted to your needs

DIGIDRY conditioner with steel fingers

High-performance DIGIDRY steel fingers for diverse conditions

The rotor conditioner with steel fingers is highly effective in long, heavy and mature forage as well as in short forage. Its high-capacity intake produces smooth forage flow though the machine. Power requirement for this type of conditioner is kept low with quicker forage passage and no need for recirculation. Well-structured, airy swaths are created by the position of the fingers that fluff up the forage, sending it up in the air before it comes down to form the swath. The resulting forage has higher energy and nutritional value owing to accelerated drying.
The steel fingers can also work in alfalfa. Conditioning intensity is adjusted to preserve the leaves on the stems to retain the nutritional quality in the forage.
Modify conditioning intensity by:
  • Adjusting the deflector plate.
  • Adjusting conditioning speed.
FC3160 TCD at work in the field