Stubble Disc Cultivators OPTIMER +

OPTIMER + till Silhouette

High-speed mixing efficiency

The OPTIMER + range of independent stubble cultivators is your new ally in stubble cultivation and seedbed preparation.

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Stubble cultivation is important to efficiently managing weeds and incorporate residues into the soil after harvest.
The KUHN OPTIMER + enables the user to perform rapid surface stubble cultivation.
Material flow is key to achieving a high work rate, thanks to the large underframe clearance and one disc per arm design this is possible.
Comfort for the operator has been designed into the machine, this shows in the simple adjustments and reduced maintenance.
Stubble cultivation is an alternative to the use of glyphosate as it effectively fights against weed pressure in the field.
OPTIMER + at work

Your benefits

High-speed surface work

Stubble cultivation with the OPTIMER + 303

Shallow stubble cultivation from 3 to 10 cm

OPTIMER + stubble cultivators work between 3 and 10 cm deep to ensure an homogeneous burial of residues and to accelerate their decomposition in the soil. A shallow stubble cultivation after harvesting enables mechanical destruction of weeds and encourages volunteer regrowth from the previous crop.
The OPTIMER + independent stubble cultivator offers the possibility of carrying out several tillage operations:
  • Creation of a stale seedbed;
  • shallow stubble cultivation;
  • cover crop seeding;
  • preparation of the seedbed;
The OPTIMER + range is ideal for good inter-crop management and contributes to the success of the next crop.

Work speed of 12 to 15 km/h

Your working window is precious. The OPTIMER + allows you to work between 12 and 15 km/h. This is possible thanks to the independent discs, assembled on an elastomer safety. This ensures good stability of the machine even at high speeds.
Work output is significantly increased, with the possiblity to achieve up to 10 ha/h with an OPTIMER + 7503!
Stubble cultivation of rapeseed stalks at high speed with OPTIMER + 7503

Increased capacity in residues

OPTIMER + large undercarriage clearance to avoid blockages

Large under frame clearance

In order to pass through dense straw stubbles and through cover crops, OPTIMER + offers the greatest clearance on the market in its category.
The length of the disc arm and the space between two rows of discs are greater than the competition to ensure quality stubble cultivation even in the presence of high levels of plant residue.

One disc per arm

For more clearance and flow capacity, the OPTIMER + has only one disc per arm. This arrangement ensures homogeneous incorporation even in residues, unlike a two-disc per arm arrangement.
2 types of discs are available:
  • 510 mm curved discs with large notches are designed to chop up residues and ensure a very good mix quality.
  • 510 mm discs with small-notches are designed for very shallow stubble cultivation (3 to 5 cm) with smaller amounts of crop residue.
OPTIMER + 7503 equipped with 510 mm large notched discs for an optimal chopping up of crop residues

Soil flow management

Available as an option, the levelling harrow increases the levelling and distribution of the straw across the working width. The harrow can also shatter and spread the clods before the roller passes, to create a stale seedbed. It is possible to adjust the aggressiveness of the harrow according to the work desired. The OPTIMER + equipped with the harrow provides a perfect finish to your stubble cultivation.
The harrow option allows you to manage the soil flow of the OPTIMER +

Targeting work output and simplicity

Low maintenance on the OPTIMER + thanks to the elastomer safety device and hubs lubricated for life

Low maintenance

Work output is the priority for the majority of users, especially when working windows are short. The design of the OPTIMER + disc stubble cultivators has been extensively studied to avoid down time.
  • The double row angular contact ball bearings are lubricated for life and protected with a labyrinth seal;
  • The elastomer safety device is also maintenance free. 
These technologies allow you to optimise your work time in the field.

Simple and fast settings

OPTIMER + stubble cultivators are quick and easy to adjust.
The working depth is adjusted with wedges, so no tools are required.
In option, hydraulic cylinders allow the depth of work to be adjusted from 3 to 10 cm from the cab.
In addition to saving time, you benefit from cost savings thanks to high productivity, reduced down time and a good quality of work thanks to a properly adjusted machine.
Simple and quick settings

Cover crop seeding

The OPTIMER + can be equipped with an SH small seed drill or a seeding kit for use with a TF front hopper, to seed while stubble cultivating. The distribution head coupled to a front hopper is suitable for both seeding and fertiliser application.
Combining seeding with stubble cultivation considerably reduces establishment costs. Cover crops offer many agronomic benefits (reduction of soil erosion, improvement of soil structure, increase of organic matter, etc.)
This gives extra versatility to your OPTIMER + stubble cultivator and increases your farm's profitability.
OPTIMER + equipped with seeding kit for TF front hopper


OPTIMER + at work