HR 8040 R Silhouette

Controlled power!

These power harrows offer a working width from 6 to 8 m and are adapted to tractors of up to 460 and 500 hp respectively.

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Seedbed preparation tools must perform high work output while operating smoothly and non-stop for as long as necessary. The power harrows are the result of an outstanding quality of workmanship. To better understand this, just take a look inside the machine: intelligent design of the rotor drive and robustness of the gearbox ensuring maximum service life as well as minimal operating costs and maintenance.
HR 1040 R at work

Your benefits

High outputs in short working windows

Central gearbox equipped with an oil cooling system and integrated pump.

The perfect combination with powerful tractors

The HR 1040 R foldable power harrows are designed for intensive use with high-powered tractors. The HR 6040 R power harrow can be used with tractors up to 460 hp, whereas HR 7040 R and HR 8040 R models can accomodate 480 and 500 hp respectfully. The central gearbox is equipped with an oil cooling system with an integrated pump. The synthetic oil used withstands temperatures higher than standard oil.

Compatibility with several hitch types

The HR 1040 R power harrows are compatible with cat. 3, 4 and 4N hitches. They can also be coupled to a cat 4 quick hitch. The primary PTO is reinforced and the secondary PTOs are fitted with cam-type cut-out clutches so each side is protected independantly. The central gearbox is positioned towards the rear to increase the length of the pto shaft and reduce working angles: an asset for tractors equipped with large-diameter wheels.
HR 1040 R power harrows are widely compatible with different couplings

HR 6040 RCS and BTFR 6030: a modular concept

Designed to work with the new BTFR 6030 seeding bar, the HR 6040 RCS power harrow is suited for tractors of up to 460 hp. The working depth of the levelling bar can be adjusted hydraulically from the tractor cab. For increased flexibility, the power harrow can also be used in solo for seedbed preparation. As with all HR 1040 R models, the HR 6040 RCS benefits from a removable transport carriage which features two large-diameter wheels that are easily and quickly removed without tools. This transport carriage is essential for safe road transport.
High work output are ensured with the HR 6040 RCS and BTFR 6030 seeding bar combination

Robust and reliable

Cross-section view of the KUHN power harrow rotor

A rotor sometimes copied never equalled

The streamlined casing designed made from high tensile steel containing semi-fluid grease (Sprockets and bearings are lubricated for life) provides a highly rigid, maintenance-free trough. The sprockets, in forged, heat-treated steel guarantee a drivline which can stand the test of time. The concave profile of the sprockets ensure that they run in line with the bearings and give a stable driveline across the width of the machine. The perfect bearing pre-tension protects them from wear and distortion. There's also reinforced seals and no play on the splines thanks to the conical centring of the tine holder (KUHN patent).

FAST-FIT DURAKUHN blades as standard

For increased longevity, KUHN power harrows are delivered as standard with tungsten carbid coated blades. These DURAKUHN blades are made to last.
Made-to-last and robust DURAKUHN blades as standard on HR 1040 R

A perfectly prepared seedbed

Perfect adaptation to varying soil conditions thanks to the hydraulic settings.

Perfect adaptation to varying ground conditions

Within the same field, the soil conditions may vary greatly. To achieve a higher quality of work, the machine must be able to be adjusted easily and instantly. The HR 1040 R series power harrows allow for the hydraulic adjustment of both the working depth and the levelling bar from the cab, allowing the operator to finely adjust the level of finish on the move.

A perfect finish with the levelling bar

The levelling bar has three angle possibilities for precise adjustment of the crumbling intensity. Angled forwards or vertically, the levelling bar recycles the soil for intensive work in very heavy soils. Tilted rearwards, the levelling bar allows for a greater soil flow in lighter soils. This flexibility also improves the management of the fuel consumption. Furthermore, the levelling bar is mounted on the roller frame so your levelling bar is always set at the same height in relation to the ground level.
The levelling bar on HR 1040R offers three setting positions for a perfect finish.

Two halves for complete work quality

You can choose between the rigid or floating working position. In floating position, both halves can be raised or lowered individually over a range of 2.5° for improved adaptation to ground contours. A long side deflector adjustable in height ensures perfect finish after each passage. The positioning of the two half-harrows as close as possible to each other is appropriate. This close proximity prevents formation of ridges non crumbled by the half-harrows. The standard front share positioned in front of the gap between the two half-harrows ensures an impeccable result over the whole working width.
Two half-harrows for perfect work


A wide choice of rollers and equipment to satisfy all conditions.

HR 6040 R power harrow at work