MASTER 123-153-183 Silhouette

A synergy of adaptability, robustness and comfort of use

Expert in the ploughing world, KUHN has developed the MASTER 123, 153 and 183, ranges from 3 to 7 bodies, to meet the requirements of farmers and contractors alike.

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The KUHN MASTER 123,153 and 183 ploughs are considered by farmers around the world to be market references in terms of reliability and usability. The unique design of the MASTER ploughs brings an exceptional level of performance to achieve high yields and optimise your financial bottom line. They are distinguished from other ploughs on the market by:
  • their quality of work with a full burial of residues and weeds;
  • their simplicity of use and their ease of adjustment to increase your work rates and your comfort;
  • their reliability with a robust structure equipped with many KUHN exclusives.
With genuine KUHN forged parts, you use the full potential of your plough and ensure precise work without loss in productivity. The reputation and expertise of KUHN in the ploughing world guarantees a resale value of your plough that is higher than other manufacturers on the market.
MASTER 123-153-183 at work

Your benefits

Ploughs that meet all your requirements

The MASTER 123, 153 and 183 ploughs meet the requirements of all farms.

Three models, one philosophy

The KUHN MASTER 123, 153 and 183 mounted ploughs have a common goal: to help you reap the fruits of your investments quickly. The model you choose will depend on your working conditions and your needs:
  • MASTER 123: 3 to 6 bodies for tractors from 65 to 210 hp.
  • MASTER 153: 4 to 6 bodies for tractors from 95 to 270 hp
  • MASTER 183: 5 to 7 bodies for tractors from 125 to 385 hp.

The MASTER 123 with its 120 x 120 mm frame is ideal for medium-sized farms that desire a multi-purpose, easy-to-use and reliable plough for ploughing in medium-to-light soils.
The MASTER 153 with its 150 x 150 mm frame responds to a more intensive usage and more difficult working conditions. Finally, the MASTER 183 plough with its 180 x 180 mm frame is dedicated to ploughing professionals who want a long-lasting plough with a high work rate and that can work with high-power tractors.

A wide choice of clearances

It is essential to choose your plough according to the conditions and in particular according to the crop system. In order to better adapt to your working conditions, it is possible to select different point to point clearances. For this purpose, you must take into account:
  • whether the volume of residues is large or not
  • whether the straw is removed or not
  • whether the plant cover has been previously crushed or destroyed.
Three clearances are available according to the models:
  • 90 cm: ideal when the straw is removed. The plough remains very compact and therefore easier to handle.
  • 96 cm: available on ploughs with a large number of bodies. This is the best compromise for maximising passage capacity in the presence of abundant residues while maintaining a working comfort with a plough that is simple to manoeuvre.
  • 102 cm: this clearance is recommended for destroying live plant cover or burying a previously crushed layer of residue. In this configuration, the soil flow circulates easily between two bodies while maintaining an optimal position of the skim coulters. The quality of ploughing is maintained despite the strong presence of residues.
The clearances between points offer the possibility of adapting to the working conditions

2 adjustable cutting width systems

KUHN offers two cutting width systems: multiple or variable.
  • The MULTI-MASTER ploughs offer the possibility of working at different widths: 14', 16' or 18' (and 20' for the 183 range). The change of width is made by mechanical adjustment, simply by moving the bolts on the beam to pivot the bodies. The multiple width is ideal for farmers who have consistent working conditions with homogeneous soils, a uniform piece of land with stable amounts of residue.
  • VARI-MASTER ploughs allow the cutting width to be instantly adapted to the conditions. The change is made by continuous hydraulic adjustment from the cabin. The special feature of KUHN VARI-MASTER mounted ploughs is the total integration of the variable width system in the frame for optimum protection of the mechanism. The cutting width can vary from 12' to 20' depending on the inter-body clearance of your plough.
VARI-MASTER ploughs are ideally suited to contractors and farmers with variable ploughing conditions: traction power available, unevenness of the ground, lack of grip, desired ploughing profile, quantity of residues to bury, shape of the field, heterogeneous soils etc.
The variable width indicator allows the working width to be viewed from the cab

2 high performance safety devices

The MASTER range can be equipped with two types of safety devices: Safe-T traction bolt safety device or NSH hydraulic non-stop safety device.
  • The Safe-T traction bolt safety device ensures a clear breakage by traction after a force at the point of the ploughshare of 3,000 kg (MASTER 123) and 4,000 kg (MASTER 153 and 183) and avoids overly frequent stresses of the safety device. After many releases, the ploughing depth remains the same: no wear of the system. Recommended for stone-free heavy soil, the Safe-T safety device is a cost-effective solution making it possible to have a lighter plough than with NSH.
  • The Non-Stop Hydraulic safety device allows for adaptation to all working conditions. The pressure on the body varies according to the depth, speed and working width, condition and nature of the soil etc. It is therefore necessary to be able to vary the releasing pressure without mechanical intervention (addition of leaf springs, spring tension etc.) to prevent the stones from resurfacing or to avoid juddering. The general design of the non-stop safety devices makes it possible to obtain an increasing or decreasing release pressure when encountering obstacle.

It only takes a few seconds to set the release pressure by connecting a hydraulic hose.
  • VARIBAR option: allows for adjustable pressue on the move from the tractor: immediate adaptation to working conditions.
  • MAXIBAR option: instant increase in the set pressure (600 to 2500 kg) of the safety devices for working in very heavy soil.
NSH safety device offers the best performance on the market

Comfort and ease of getting started

Hydraulic offset is available as an option for continuous adjustment from the driver cab

Combined front furrow and alignment adjustment

The 123, 153 and 183 MASTER ploughs groups most of the settings. Easy to use, this specific kinematic allows you to start choosing the ideal working range for your tractor. No need for a tilt adjustment since the point automatically adapts itself. Once in the field, just refine the front furrow setting to achieve a perfect work quality, it's fast, simple and efficient.
Hydraulic front furrow adjsutment is available as an option for continuous adjustment of the first body from the driving position.
Some practical tips for optimal use:
  1. Measure your tyre spacings
  2. Select the correct adjustment range
  3. Adjust the front furrow width
The traction line will automatically adjust itself.

Simple and accessible tool-free adjustments

The adjustments of a plough are essential for achieving a very good quality of work. It is essential to refine them as soon as there is any change in working conditions. KUHN offers you the opportunity to have a perfectly adjusted plough thanks to simple, intuitive and tool-free settings. The simplicity and precision of the MASTER ploughs make it possible to optimise fuel consumption and the wear of the working parts.
In just a few seconds, you will be able to benefit from fine and precise adjustments that will offer you a flawless quality of work and increased productivity. Whether in terms of the vertical, the front furrow or the depth, you will make huge gains in simplicity.
For more comfort, all the adjustments of the plough (offset, vertical, working depth, NSH pressure) can be hydraulically controlled from the cab. In heterogeneous conditions, the driver can adjust the various settings of their plough on the move.
Mechanical offset without folding / Hydraulic offset

The OPTIDRIVE headstock

The Optidrive is a suspended headstock with a fully integrated mechanism consisting of two cylinders and accumulators connected to an inner double stem. This suspension adapts to the weight of the different ploughs by changing the pressure of the hydraulic system. The Optidrive ensures a better comfort for the user since it guarantees the flexibility of the plough tractor link and absorbs jolts during manoeuvres. In addition, it facilitates preparation for transport; the driver no longer needs to remove or adjust the top link, simply unlock the double stem to release the top link.
The Optidrive system is automatically locked when the plough is working to ensure optimum quality of work and control of the tractor power. In the headland, the suspension is active and protects both the tractor and the plough. The Optidrive headstock comes as standard on the MASTER 183 range.
The Optidrive headstock is available on the MASTER 183 ploughs

On land ploughing

Soil life is essential for promoting the growth of the plant. Limiting soil compaction is one of the levers for preserving and enriching it. With the large capacity on land version proposed by KUHN, it is possible to limit the impact on soil compaction. KUHN ploughs make it possible to use extra-wide tyres or tracks to reduce both the pressure exerted on the soil and increase the traction capacity of the tractor. From the driver's point of view, comfort is multiplied. The tractor is up, on the land, working on a flat surface, which can greatly increase the comfort for the operator.

Mastery of know-how

The reinforcement triangle ensures the correct weight-robustness balance of your plough

A robust structure

The MASTER range is recognised by thousands of users for its reliability. Its unique design guarantees a flawless quality of ploughing quality to obtain high yields while limiting running costs. From the headstock to the last body, the MASTER KUHN ploughs are fully mechanically welded following strict and high precision manufacturing processes to guarantee their longevity over the years. The most stressed areas adopt specific designs just like the forged and treated mono-block headstock. The optimised reinforcement triangle allows the plough to preserve a very good weight distribution with a centre of gravity close to the tractor. In addition, the MASTER ploughs benefit from a streamlined design that limits the accumulation of soil residues on the frame and facilitates cleaning. The use of high quality materials combined with a simple and effective design is an undeniable guarantee of reliability for your plough.

Linkage integrated into the frame without maintenance

The 100% linkage integrated into the frame of the plough is a KUHN exclusive! The entire working width mechanism is integrated into the frame to guarantee total protection against external aggression (falling rocks and dirt, humidity, corrosion, etc.). This KUHN exclusive offers a significantly longer life than conventional mechanisms. There is also no requirement for maintenance since the shafts are chrome-plated, locked in rotation and bushed to eliminate any risk of seizing and wear. This absence of need for maintenance saves considerable time and money and ensures the profitability of your KUHN plough. Opting for a variable width KUHN plough, VARI-MASTER, is the guarantee of a full and instant adaptation to your working conditions.
The VARI-MASTER ploughs 123, 153 and 183 have the variable width system integrated into the frame

Quality wear parts for better profitability

Proud of an unparalleled know-how, KUHN offers you ever more powerful parts that are perfectly adapted to your plough. Inseparable from the DNA of the KUHN ploughs, the forges from the KUHN factory produce wear parts with extreme precision to optimise performance and quality of work (cost of usage, consumption, wear, etc.).
The KUHN wear part manufacturing process concentrates the material there where it is needed. The heat treatment ensures a very good resistance to the wear of your parts in all conditions. The profile of the ploughshares and points is studied to ensure optimal penetration and a very good performance of the bodies.
The longevity of your plough is also due to the high quality mouldboards. That is why KUHN offers exclusive TRIPLEX mouldboards with uneven layers. With one of the toughest steels in the market on the working side, KUHN assures you an excellent quality of work throughout the life of the plough. TRIPLEX with uneven layers combined with heat treatment increases the life of your mouldboards by 40%.
Genuine KUHN parts are 20% stronger than standard parts. They will be your best allies for your ploughing.
TRIPLEX with uneven layers ensures greater longevity of your mouldboards


The Optidrive headstock is available on the MASTER 183 ploughs