Trailed sprayer OCEANIS 2

OCEANIS 2 agricultural machine silhouette

Concentrated innovation for greater precision and safety

The OCEANIS 2 trailed sprayer represents the top of the range of the KUHN trailed sprayer range, perfectly suited to grain farms. With a 5,000-L or 7,700-L tank and a 24 to 48-m boom, the OCEANIS 2 will meet all your requirements.

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Spraying at the right time with a high-performance machine is essential to ensuring maximum product efficiency. To intervene quickly with a simple, reliable machine is a guarantee of safety and efficiency. With its optimised set-up, the OCEANIS 2 sprayer will fully meet these requirements.

A concentration if precision and safety!
OCEANIS 2 sprayers allow you to act quickly when the conditions are the most favourable! It provides you with a whole set of innovations that improve precision and safety thanks to the flexibility of its 4 suspension levels, its injection-moulded polyester tank, easier to rinse, the RINS ASSIST system for optimal rinsing, the BOOM ASSIST system for perfect boom tracking, the MULTISPRAY system with integration of CCE nozzle cut-off and the TRACK ASSIST tag axle for crop protection!

Quality is your watchword
The accuracy of OCEANIS 2 sprayers allows you to protect your crops durably and sustainably.
The OCEANIS 2 sprayer features all the equipment you need with top-of-the-range design.
OCEANIS 2 at work in the fields

Your benefits

A Compact and Robust Sprayer

A compact sprayer in all aspects

A stable and manoeuvrable sprayer

With a hitch-to-axle length of 5 m (5,000 and 5,600 litre capcaity) and height of 3.75 m (with 36 m booms), the OCEANIS 2 sprayer is a relatively compact machine.
The machine's short length allows for short manoeuvring at the headlands, therefore, tracking is better and limits crop damage. The short hitch-to-axle length of the machine allows for flexible manoeuvring. This system makes it easier to enter the fields and reverse into the field corners.

The tank's shape is specifically designed to integrate the boom around the tank and to limit the height when the boom is folded. The 3-arm booms, LEA3, RHA3 and RA3, are integrated within the machine's overall dimensions and cannot come into contact with the tractor cab. The low height of the OCEANIS 2 trailed sprayer makes it more stable for transport.

This compactness allows for fast and easy movement on the road and easy storage of the sprayer.

Hydropneumatic drawbar suspension

Good machine stability during work is essential to keeping the boom close to the target.
The OCEANIS 2, with its four levels of suspension, allows you to keep your machine stable and perfectly suspended in the field and on the road.

The suspended drawbar protects the tractor and its driver from any machine movements. During transport with the boom folded, all the movements are absorbed. You can perform rapid movements in complete safety.
Hydropneumatic drawbar suspension

Hydropneumatic axle suspension

A stable boom starts with good axle suspension! The axle is suspended by a hydropneumatic cylinder which protects the machine on uneven terrain, while in the field and on the road. A suspended axle means a longer service life for the machine.
The machine's overall stability while at work also makes it possible to keep a boom as close to the target by smoothing out the initial irregularities in the terrain.

The drawbar and axle suspension on the OCEANIS 2 sprayer is designed with hydropneumatic accumulators.
These cylinders offer:
  • Rapid shock absorption, without any rebound effects. The accumulators absorb energy, without transferring it back!
  • Instant adaptation to the load. Whether the machine is empty or full, the combined dual accumulator system maintains the same suspension quality for constant efficiency.
  • One cylinder on each side to guarantee sprayer stability.
Hydropneumatic axle suspension

Simply intelligent tank design

Efficient tank design
The main tank on the OCEANIS 2 sprayer was designed with the centre of gravity in mind. The largest part of the tank surrounds the chassis, providing maximum machine stability.
The deep sump allows for tank draining regardless of slope in the field. Located near the sump, the four-dimensional mixing system guarantees a homogeneous spray mixture, without the formation of foam, throughout the spraying process.
Maintain balance
The central position of the 550-litre rinsing tank above the axle allows OCEANIS 2 sprayers to maintain good balance in any conditions. Placing the rinsing tank above the axle ensures that the centre of gravity remains in the centre regardless of the tank level.
In addition to the optimum position of its rear-mounted rinsing tank, the OCEANIS 2 sprayer is exceptionally easy to use. Filling of the rinsing tank? Rinsing tank gauge? All operations are controlled from the operating panel.
The tank's design facilitates mixing, draining and rinsing.

Polyester tank

The design of the OCEANIS 2's injection-moulded polyester tank (5,000 and 5,600 litres) offers a top-of-the-range solution. No compromises have been made on the cost of the materials to provide you with a stable and functional machine.
Smooth surface
The polyester tank on the OCEANIS 2 sprayer features a perfectly smooth surface, both inside and out. As the surface is non-porous, any active product is easily rinsed away to facilitate machine cleaning operations.
Ideally positioned to prevent any deposits from forming, the machine is easily cleaned using three rotary cleaners. Whether activated from the operating panel or from inside the cab, tank rinsing is simple and efficient.
The injection-moulded polyester tank incorporates baffles to stabilise the spray mixture during transport. The sloshing of the water is immediately stopped so the sprayer's balance is maintained.
Polyester injected tank with a smooth interior and baffles

Lightweight and rugged boom

Lightweight and durable aluminium booms

Aluminium booms: A lightweight and durable solution

Aluminium booms which feature a density three times less than steel, keep the structure light and provide a structure to protect the sprayer components. The lightweight booms allow the sprayer to keep moving, even over wet areas.
Aluminium booms feature outstanding durability.

Aluminium naturally features several advantages.
Completely insensitive to corrosion and chemical aggression, aluminium needs no special protection and greatly facilitates sprayer maintenance while providing long service life. KUHN has been using aluminium since 1986 to manufacture booms wider than 18 m:
  • Natural resistance to corrosion: which is crucial when in contact with plant protection products and fertilisers.
  • Density 2.7 times less than steel: a stronger and lighter boom!

EQUILIBRA suspension

The EQUILIBRA suspension with pendulum link provides the boom with a three-dimensional shock absorption system. The EQUILIBRA suspension system allows the boom to remain perfectly parallel to the ground when driving over rough terrain. The boom runs smoothly over the ground and crops and doesn't shift or drift!

On uneven terrain, the pendulum offers sufficient freedom of movement to keep the boom steady, regardless of the type of terrain encountered. Two shock absorbers also dampen and limit vertical movements to keep the boom perfectly level, especially when cornering, even at high speed.

The EQUILIBRA suspension is designed for work in intensive conditions and includes independent anti-whiplash system as standard, protecting the boom while cornering or during acceleration/braking.
  • Robust pendulum movement
  • Link rods for radial movement
  • Shock absorbers to eliminate any bounce
  • Independent left/right anti-whiplash system
  • Spring-loaded automatic tilt corrector
  • Frame locking
EQUILIBRA suspension frame

LEA3 boom

The robust LEA3 boom is equipped with the EQUILIBRA suspension system and is designed to last. Available in widths from 27 to 33 metres, it offers numerous advantages:
    The boom folds into three parts, allowing it to be integrated within the machine's overall dimensions. Driving on the road is easier, faster and safer. Once in the field, unfolding operations are fully synchronised to maintain the excellent balance of the sprayer.
    The design of the LEA3 boom was particularly adapted for precision spraying equipment. The boom can be equipped with the CCE or MULTISPRAY spraying technology, liquid fertiliser systems and with 25 or 50 cm nozzle spacing. The booms structure protects the boom in all directions along it's entire length.
    The structure of the LEA3 aluminium boom features a lightweight design, as well as strength and corrosion-resistance.
The LEA3 boom also incorporates the well-known strong points of the entire range:
  • Protection of the nozzles over the entire boom width
  • 3-dimensional safety
  • Bowl filters on each section
  • Quadrijet nozzle holders
LEA3 33m boom

RHA3 boom

The robust RHA3 boom is equipped with the EQUILIBRA suspension system and designed to last. Available in widths from 30 to 40 metres, it offers numerous advantages:
    The boom folds into three parts, allowing it to be integrated within the machine's outline. Driving on the roads is easier, faster and safer. Once in the field, unfolding operations are fully synchronised to maintain the sprayer in an excellent state of balance
    The design of the RHA3 boom was particularly adapted for precision spraying equipment. The boom can thus be equipped with CCE (Continuous Circulation - Electric) or MULTISPRAY circulation technology, and BOOM ASSIST automatic boom levelling systems. The spraying equipment is protected in all directions along the entire length of the boom by the boom's structure.
    The structure of the RHA3 aluminium boom features a lightweight design, as well as strength and corrosion-resistance. 
The RHA3 boom also incorporates the well-known strong points of the entire range:
  • Protection of the nozzles over the entire boom width
  • 3-dimensional safety
  • Bowl filters on each section
  • Quadrijet nozzle holders
RHA3 36m boom


BOOM ASSIST keeps the boom in the correct position regardless of field topology, automatically adjusting the height, tilt (BOOM ASSIST SLANT) and independent variable geometries (BOOM ASSIST TOTAL & TOTAL PRO). Keeping a boom at the ideal height, optimises spray coverage and particularly reduces losses due to drift and evaporation.
Using ultrasonic sensors, the BOOM ASSIST system keeps the boom at the correct height above the target regardless of the conditions: day and night, dry weather or fog, on vegetation or bare ground. The patented hybrid mode allows the system to permanently analyse the crop height to adapt the boom movement.
No need to worry about the boom, the sprayer manages it automatically.

High level of precision spraying

CCE electric nozzle holder

CCE, Continuous Circulation - Electric

Are your fields all different shapes and sizes? The CCE system is there to maximise your spraying efficiency
To limit overlapping at the headland of the field, it is important to understand that the more sections you have on the machine, the more you can reduce the overlap.
So KUHN naturally offers systems with individual nozzle shutoff to optimise coverage.
CCE (Continuous Circulation - Electric), allows each of the nozzles to be controlled independently by GPS. Nozzles are controlled with surgical precision to limit overlapping as much as possible.
The CCE also uses the well-known strong-points of the CCP (Continuous Circulation - Pneumatic) system:
  • Instant priming of the boom with the spraying mix
  • Instant opening and closing of the nozzles to make the most of section control
  • The entire volume can be diluted = 0 dead volume on the sprayer


The size of the droplet generated by the nozzles is the most important point to ensure good spray quality.
On most sprayers, the faster your forward speed, the higher the spraying pressure. However, if the nozzle is not changed, the size of the droplet becomes smaller, which increases the risk of drift.
With KUHN's MULTISPRAY precision technology, you can automatically change the nozzle used according to your forward speed to ensure optimal spray quality. The MULTISPRAY system continuously calculates which nozzle or combination of nozzles is best suited to the conditions based on the desired dose and the forward speed.

In order to have full precision potential, 2 nozzles can be activated individually or together. This ensures quality spraying!
The MULTISPRAY technology integrates CCE circulation as standard with nozzle-by-nozzle shut-off.
Droplet size is controlled for precision spraying.


During spraying operations, droplet size management is essential to ensure a successful application.
Achieving higher throughputs means driving faster, which can sometimes compromise the spray quality. The climatic conditions, and the fact that the weather can change during applications, must also be considered.
In order to maintain excellent spray quality throughout the application, KUHN has introduced the AUTOSPRAY spraying system.

It uses PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) technology that allows the AUTOSPRAY system to control droplet size. Nozzle opening time is varied by micro-pulsations to maintain a constant pressure, regardless of the dose to be sprayed. By maintaining a constant droplet size regardless of speed, the AUTOSPRAY system offers users a wider range of speed. Productivity is enhanced, without influencing the quality of the spraying application.

Spraying couldn't be simpler with the ISOBUS terminal. Simply select the droplet size you require by activating or deactivating them with a simple click for optimal spray quality.
By controlling the dose and the droplet size, all components are combined to achieve precision spraying.


The e-SET features the RINS ASSIST automatic rinsing system, as well as some other great features.

During the rinsing process, the RINS ASSIST system automates the rinsing sequence based on the amount of product remaining in the machine. The system ensures 1% dilution of the tank residue.

From the cab, the only action required is to indicate the type of rinsing (boom only or complete machine), then follow the rinsing procedure. When rinsing the machine, the RINS ASSIST system controls the level in the tank to adjust to the best rinsing scenario to achieve 1% dilution. The system will then successively rinse the incorporation line, the tank via the rotary washers, the control lines and circulation returns, and then the boom by spraying.
With a METRIS 2 ISOBUS sprayer, the terminal displays the progress of the procedure, you can see precisely where the water comes from, and where it is sent.
The rinsing operation is carried out precisly to 1% dilution. The sprayer is thus ready for other applications as soon as it leaves the field.
CCI1200 terminal screen during the rinsing operation


With the TRACK ASSIST axle, the sprayer follows the tractor's path at the headland and when following curves in the field. Keeping your crops protected.

The OCEANIS 2 sprayer's TRACK ASSIST steering axle ensures the wheels of the sprayer and those of the tractor align perfectly. It reacts precisely in response to the speed information received. Sensors at the rear of the machine are integrated into the sprayer structure - no risk of information being disturbed by vegetation. At the front, a single gyroscopic sensor is placed on the tractor which allows the system to read its trajectory, and follow it with the sprayer.

In combination with the GPS Section Control, the axle will automatically realign itself when in reverse: no action from the driver is required!
TRACK ASSIST track following


Numerous optional equipment is available that can provide operational comfort which can be adapted to meet all requirements.