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Increase your yield with simplicity and precision

The SDE seeder is versatile and robust, with high cutting power of the straw and great flotation in the rows. The transmission system and metering units guarantees the highest precision all crops.

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SDE has been developed with a set of features and benefits to provide producers a robust, simple and precise machine. With high cutting power and high frame, SDE is a high performance seeder, even in adverse conditions on fields with a lot of waste or rough terrain.

The parallelogram are manufactured in resistant cast iron and with high durability. An intelligent hopper for seeds and fertilizer, with the possibility of synchronising the emptying of both products. SDE has a system of gearboxes in the transmission that guarantee precise, ergonomic and fast adjustments

The Helica metering unit is able to accurately and homogeneously distribute fertilizers with any grain size and seed of the most varied small grains crops.
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Your benefits

No matter the fertilizer or the crop, precision is guaranteed

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Helica Metering unit

Helica metering unit is an exclusive KUHN seed drill. Designed to achieve maximum precision with robustness and durability.
The helical rotor is able to distribute homogeneous fertilizers with any grain size and seeds of all sizes and shapes. More efficient than common flow metering units, the Helica ensures precise and homogenous rates with low coefficient of variation from row to row, even on hilly conditions, and is not affected by vibrations.
Manufactured in stainless steel and polymers with high quality, the Helica has wear resistance, providing long service life and low maintenance rate.

Tested and approved at DLG (German Agricultural Society)

Helica metering unit was evaluated in one of the most respected agricultural research institutions in the world. The DLG (German Agricultural Society - translated for Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft) evaluated the distribution system of the SDE using the Fokus method, in order to measure the quality of the sowing. There were measured the (a) emergence of the crop, (b) variation of the regulated dose and (c) coefficient of variation from row to row for three crops: wheat, barley and rape seed. The numbers impress, proving in practice the accuracy and efficiency of the system, the high yield are guaranteed.
Fokus test results chart

Ergonomics and simplicity in adjustments

Picture with 6 cam gearbox in highlights

6 cam gearbox

The 6-cam gearbox provides precise rate adjustment. Sealed, with the components in oil, it does not require lubrication, minimizing the cost of maintenance. Rate adjustment is easily performed by handle tool and it is not necessary for the operator to handle chains and gears, avoiding the risk of accidents.
With the variator gearbox all SDE adjustments and calibrations are performed with the machine in static position, without the need to move the same in the field or on the road to measure the fertilizer and seed distributed, avoiding waste and allowing the operator to perform all the calibration with greater convenience.

Collector tray to calibration

SDE has a collector tray to allow quick and precise ergonomic calibration in conjunction with the 6 cam gearbox. By changing the levers to the calibration position, the chute is shifted by making room for the trays to be placed just below the Helica metering units. All fertilizer and seed flowing from the Helica are collected in the trays, allowing the operator to calibrate all the rows at the same time, with agility, precision and safety. An efficient and clean system, which improves operations with SDE, allows the producer to save fertilizer and seed, since the contents of the trays, after being weighed, can be returned to the hopper.
Tray collecting inputs in the collection position by performing the calibration of wheat seeds

Variable volume hopper

The SDE hopper has an exclusive volume adjustment system for fertilizer and seed. A movable, adjustable, tool-free divider allows the operator to choose the best fertilizer / seed ratio according to the required rate, increasing the performance of the seed drill. With this adjustment the fill stops can be planned to be optimized , reducing the idle time and improving the operational logistic in the crop. With scales that indicate the capacity of the fertilizer and the seed, the regulation is realized with direct reading of the operator of the volume of each input, giving an ergonomic adjustment, fast and efficient.
Moveble divider with scale

Long life cycle without maintenance

Hopper sheet, Helica metering unit and shafts in stainless steel

High quality stainless steel

The SDE hopper was developed with high quality stainless steel sheets, providing durability and long service life. Designed with a concept that avoids welds and prioritizes the assembly with bolts, the hopper geometry that reconciles robustness and good finish.
Helica metering unit
Helica are also made of stainless steel, avoiding premature wear of the components, maintaining rate accuracy for longer, combining durability and precision maintenance.
The main shafts of the SDE are made of stainless steel bars, allowing complete protection of the elements that work in contact with the seed and fertilizer while minimizing the frictional wear.

Sealed parallelogram and robust components

SDE rows were designed for the robustness and flexibility required by no-till seeding. With parallelogram articulation system, which ensures the best fluctuation in rough terrain, the rows have quick adjustments and no need tools. With a system of sealed and constantly lubricated bushings, there is no need for periodic lubrication and the service life of the joints is prolonged. With full o-ring sealing and an internal grease reservoir, the joint bushes do not wear out due to friction, minimizing gaps in the rows, extending the durability of the components.
Section view and exploded view of parallelogram rows


Many equipments

Back view of SDE in working position trailed by tractor


Technical Characteristics
Number of rows
Row spacing (cm)
Seed hopper capacity (L)
Fertilizer hopper capacity (L)
Seed transmission system
Fertilizer transmission system
Seed adjustment system
Fertilizer adjustment system
Working width (m)
Transport width (m)
Weight (Kg)
Tractor requirements - machine lifting
Minimum tractor power (HP)
Working speed (Km/h)
Tractor requirements - row marker
Fertilizer metering unit
Seed metering unit
SDE 3000
640 to 1040
740 to 1140
Variable Speed Box
Variable Speed Box
Regulator Spindle
Regulator Spindle
Double effect valve
4 to 10
Double effect valve
400 x 60 x 15.5 / 14 ply