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Optimer+ Stubble cultivator with independent discs

103 series (mounted version)
1003 series (trailed version)

New more versatile version of stubble cultivator with independent discs


Stubble cultivator with independent discs for shallow stubble cultivation which are ideal when using min-till methods.

Anxious to offer tools adapted to the new economical and agronomical requirements of worldwide agriculture, KUHN has upgraded its range of shallow stubble cultivators with the OPTIMER+ 103 and 1003 series.

Agronomical assets for an efficient intercropping management :

1. Mechanical weeding: good emergence of weeds by a shallow positioning of the seed.

2. Straw decomposition: occurs faster owing to the contact of the 3 soil, humidity and air factors.

3. Humidity preservation: the shallow mulch layer stops the evaporation.

Benefits with the Optimer+ range :

1. Increased clearance : The new disc angles as well as the longer disc arms facilitate passage in presence of many plant residues.

2. Increased comfort : Hubs lubricated for life with double row angular contact ball bearings. Maintenance is no longer required: time savings and no risk of foreign bodies entering when changing discs.

3. More choice :
    - 510 mm notched curved disc for increased versatility at work
    - 510 mm discs with small notches (as option) for shallow stubble cultivation.

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