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The mixed ration for dairy cows

mixed ration

The specialist view of mixed ration systems

"A mixer wagon may be used just to bring feed from storage and put it into the trough, but it really earns its keep as a mobile quality feed production plant. The objective of mixed ration feeding is to maximise the animals’ intake in order to maximise performance. And within that, to also try and minimise the cost of the whole diet. These machines, many equipped with a weighing system, enable better management of the animals' whole diet and so improve performance and profit.
That objective can only be realised when feeding ruminants when we learn to feed the rumen and not the cow! With a total mixed diet, each mouthful is
balanced for maximum rumen efficiency. So the rumen bugs are not waiting for the next parlour feed in eight hours time for the energy (or the protein) with which to use the feed they have in front of them all day. Today we have a much better understanding of just how feeds interact in the rumen, using our “Feed into Milk” based nutrition programs, to balance the different types of energy and protein available to the rumen, and subsequently their digestion in the small intestine. Good diet formulation
and diet production are the keys to profitable results.”

Derek GARDNER – Promar International national consultant

When feeding a ruminant, first feed its rumen bacterial flora! "Mixing" offers the advantage of feeding the animal all the components of the ration at the same time (energy, protein, vitamins, minerals, etc.) with the option of incorporating additional fibre: a mixed ration is a safe ration. Each mouthful is balanced.

The animal stays healthy throughout lactation,
Metabolic disorders such as acidosis, acetonaemia, etc. are controlled,
Ruminants are more resistant to infectious diseases (mastitis, metritis, etc.),
The animal's lifespan is improved: the number of herd lactations increases.

A mixed ration system: measurable benefits!




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